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47% of Americans use 5g because they upgrade their new phones From YouGov

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The pace towards the 5g connected world is accelerating, with nearly half (47%) of Americans planning to access 5g next year simply because they need a new mobile phone, according to YouGov’s consumer data.

IPhone’s market share in the United States is slightly less than 50%. This is followed by a large number of users eager to upgrade, many of whom may have been waiting for 5g. Apple’s iPhone is the last major smartphone maker not to offer 5g service.

35% of consumers planning to access 5g said that this is because they can buy high-quality and low-cost devices. Manufacturers and operators in the United States and other regions may be trying to boost sales as the epidemic ferments and demand for high-end technology equipment cools.

The same number of consumers (35%) said they were just excited about the benefits of 5g, while 15% said improving data privacy was another reason.

Why aren’t they interested?

YouGov also tracks why U.S. consumers don’t plan to upgrade to 5g access on mobile devices. About 3 / 10 of consumers do not plan to access the next generation network, they are just not interested in the technology.

Cost is also a factor. 28% of respondents thought the price of new equipment was too high. In fact, in the early days of 5g, the only people who had access to ultra-high-speed networks were those with more high-end mobile phones, including the iPhone 12 (which starts at $699 for the mini) and the Samsung Galaxy S20 (which starts at $700).

5g consumers are also worried about data privacy on the Internet. 11% of Americans recently bought a new device without 5g function and will not buy another new mobile phone soon.

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