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Canada 5g experience survey From Opensignal

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In recent years, the network experience of mobile Internet users in Canada has improved significantly because operators have been investing in new technologies to improve spectrum efficiency and capacity. At present, Canada has the fastest 4G network in the world. TELUS, bell and Rogers, three national operators, are among the top 10 download speeds. How about Canada’s 5g online experience?

In order to understand this, opensignal analyzes the real 5g experience of Canadian users from the aspects of average download and upload speed and streaming media mobile video experience, and compares it with the average experience of users in 25 leading 5g countries. In addition to 5g, 3G and 4G mobile experiences are also analyzed.

The average download speed of 4G connection in Canada is as high as 67.1 Mbps, ranking the second in the world, 30 Mbps (80.9%) faster than the average download speed. However, when connected to 5g, the download speed of Canadian users is only 2.2 times that of 4G. That is, the download speed of 5g is 144.2 Mbps, ranking 14th in the world, 12.7% or 21.1 Mbps slower than the average experience of 5g countries.

When watching streaming video via mobile phone, Canadian users enjoy an excellent video experience when connected to 5g (75 points or above). In contrast, the evaluation of 4G video experience is very good (65-75 points).

Canada’s 4G video experience ranks higher than 5g in the world. The video experience users get when connecting 5g ranks 16th, and 4G video experience ranks 11th. The analysis shows that Canadian users continue to benefit from the world’s fastest 4G experience, but the 5g situation is not clear.

The difference between Canada’s 4G and 5g international status is likely because Canadian operators are currently limited to deploying 5g in lower spectrum bands, because the new crown has delayed the auction of key 3.5GHz if spectrum until June 2021. Moreover, the number of 3.5GHz band spectrum obtained by Canadian operators in the if spectrum is very limited, so the speed is much lower than that in many other 5g countries.

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