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Global 5g experience benchmark From Opensignal

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Opensignal global 5g data analyzes 5g leading countries and quantifies their 5g mobile experience.

South Korean users lead the world in 5g download speed with 354.4mbps download speed. The Netherlands tops the list of 5g upload speeds at 32.5 Mbps.

Operators hope to persuade game players to upgrade to 5g, and the expectation of multiplayer mobile game industry has been very high. But as more and more operators deploy 5g core network and independent 5g, this will be an area worthy of attention. In contrast, all countries and regions in the top 10 of 5g video experience scored more than 80 points, and the experience was “excellent”.

There have been some leaps in the 5g mobile experience in emerging markets. In Thailand, 5g download speed is 13.4 times that of 4G, which is the fastest growing in the world; the Philippines ranks second with a speed of 10.1 times, and Saudi Arabia ranks third.

Opensignal also examines 5g availability and coverage in various countries to measure the user’s real experience.

5g availability measures the proportion of time that 5g users connect to active 5g signals. Six of the world’s top 10 countries and regions need more than a fifth of the time to connect to 5g, with Kuwait ranking first with 29.8%. Read more: opensignal: US 5g user experience report in June 2020 opensignal: 5g era mobile network experience report opensignal: Saudi Arabia 5g download fastest opensignal: 5g era mobile game experience report opensignal: European 5g development status in 2019 opensignal: US 5g network speed lags behind the world The average downlink is only 50.9mb/s Economy: half of the flight sites Miss mobile search traffic Abandonment rate reaches 40% sitecore: Internet users expect to get more personalized mobile experience in three years 40% share of China Institute of information technology: Research Report on the development of 5g + financial applications in 2020 (with download)

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