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The average download speed of 5g connection is 5-6 times that of 4G From Opensignal

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Opensignal has analyzed the real 5g experience of mobile operators in many countries / regions around the world, including Australia, the United States, Taiwan and South Korea.

The data shows that the average download speed of 5g users is many times higher than that of 4G users. 5g speed increases range from 14.7 times faster than 4G in Thailand to 1.9 times faster than 4G in the United States. In these countries, most users see 5g downloads five to six times faster than 4G.

The average download speed of 5g users in South Korea is the fastest, 351.2 Mbps, slightly faster than 272.8 Mbps in Saudi Arabia. The average download speed is over 100 Mbps in all countries except one. Speed is by no means the only important indicator of 5g, and how long it takes users to connect to faster 5g technology is also very important. In general, in countries where 5g is slower, users spend more time connecting to 5g networks.

The time users spend connecting 5g or 5g availability is an important factor in 5g users’ overall experience. We are still in the early stage of the 5g era, which will last at least 10 years, because the first 5g services will only be launched in 2019, and we continue to see the debut of 5g mobile services in many countries.

Although the 5g market is not mature, opensignal data shows that more than 1 / 5 of users in five countries / regions enjoy active 5g connections. 5g users in the United States spend 19.5% of their time connecting to 5g, making the United States the seventh in terms of 5g availability, second only to Taiwan and ahead of European countries.

The U.S. ranks much higher in 5g availability than the average download speed. T-Mobile’s recent independent access 5g will help improve 5g availability and network response speed.

Obviously, smaller regions such as Kuwait or Hong Kong, China have an advantage over big countries such as Australia, Canada or the United States in providing users with a high level of 5g coverage.

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