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The fastest 5g mobile phones in the United States are all Android phones From Opensignal

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A new report from opensignal, a data company, roughly depicts the speed performance of mainstream smartphones in the U.S. market under the 5g network. The conclusion is that most of the top 25 fastest 5g phones are made by Samsung, while Apple’s first 5g iPhones download more slowly than Android phones. Opensignal shared 5g performance reports of mainstream mobile phones in the United States. In terms of download speed under 5g network, Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 5g ranked first with an average 5g / 4G download speed of 56mbps.

5g network download speed of the top 25 mobile phones, blue are Samsung brand. Orange is not Samsung, dotted line is folding / dual screen and other new forms of mobile phones. (photo from opensignal)

60% of the top 25 are Samsung mobile phones. Of course, one of the reasons is that the test background is the U.S. mobile phone market, and Samsung brand has a large share in the market. TCL’s revvl 5g and one plus 8t + ranked second and third with an average speed of 29.8 and 49.3 Mbps, respectively. LG’s Velvet 5g ranked 25th at 37.8mbps.

IPhone 12 series not in the top 25? Yes, in terms of 5g network download speed alone, iPhone 12 disappoints users, and Apple’s first 5g enabled smartphones lag behind Android phones in average speed.

The average download speeds of iPhone 12 pro and 12 Pro Max are 36.9mbps and 36.2mbps respectively, while the average download speeds of iPhone 12 and 12 Mini are 29.6mbps and 32.9mbps respectively.

After the transition to 5g network, the speed increase of iPhone is the largest. After the transition to 5g network, the speed increase of iPhone is the largest. (photo from opensignal)

However, there is also a comfort point, that is, the network speed of the iPhone has increased a lot compared with the 4G era. Opensignal pointed out that because the previous iPhone used Intel chips, resulting in very slow 4G speed, so after replacing the Qualcomm chip, the increase of 5g speed of iPhone 12 in the United States is 2.3 times higher than that of Samsung, first plus and other competitors.

However, the iPhone 12 series uses the same Qualcomm 5g modem as Android phones, and even supports mmwave millimeter wave technology. Why is the iPhone slow?

Ian Fogg, who wrote the report and led the opensignal analysis team, said that Samsung and other Android manufacturers may be ahead of apple in terms of RF Design of RF phones, because modems are not the only ones that affect 5g / 4G performance in modern phones. Samsung’s Galaxy S21, for example, is its third-generation 5g smartphone, while the iPhone 12 is Apple’s first generation. Therefore, Apple may need to do some work to strengthen the front-end RF design.

In addition, it should be noted that the test results can only represent some models in the U.S. market, and 5g network speed is related to many factors, which can not be fully judged by this.

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