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The survey found that 5g technology is most suspected in the United States From Prolifics Testing

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With the global promotion of 5g, it has had a profound impact in many fields. But according to a new report, there are still people who don’t believe in its benefits. Market research firm prolifics testing recently conducted a survey on online search content related to 5g “suspected”, such as “is 5g dangerous?” “Is 5g safe?” Is 5g harmful And “is 5g a health risk?” wait.

According to the survey results, Americans are most worried about 5g network, and there are more than 374700 online searches about 5g suspicion every month. In contrast, there are 93400 suspected 5g searches per month in the UK and 32970 in Australia. In terms of population density, the United States ranks third, with 1142 suspected 5g searches per million people, lagging behind Britain and Australia.

Survey shows that 96% of the world’s large technology companies plan to adopt 5g technology in the near future pcmag: survey shows that American consumers think Apple’s 5g technology is ahead of 5g economic report: how 5g technology will affect the global economy (Chinese version) 5g technology will pave the way for the new generation of Internet of things With the huge potential of millimeter wave, Qualcomm is in a leading position in the development of related chips. Report of 5g series: Internet of things may become the most important application scenario of 5g (with download) Huang Qifan: characteristics and path of financial technology under the background of 5g science and Technology Daily: new infrastructure represented by 5g China Mobile: it is estimated that the sales volume of 5g terminals of China Mobile will exceed 100 million in 2020 GSMA: it is estimated that the number of 5g connections in China will account for 85% of the world in 2020 MIIT: in 2020, China has opened more than 718000 5g base stations South Korea MIIT: in November 2020, the number of 5g users in South Korea will reach 10.9 million Ericsson: by the end of 2020, the global population of 5g coverage will increase Over 1 billion

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