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Three fifths of India’s high-end smartphone users will upgrade to 5g From CMR Corporation

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According to a global consumer study conducted by CMR, 5g has led to an explosive growth in video content creation (especially short videos) in China and Western Europe. More than four out of every five 5g smartphone users are satisfied with the overall 5g usage. Indian consumers are increasingly excited and optimistic about 5g smartphones.

For early 5g smartphone users in China and Western Europe, 5g is turning into exciting use cases, such as short video creation and viewing, video calling, mobile games and AR / VR.

Some of the benefits seen by early 5g users included higher quality video calls (66%), faster downloads (59%) and streaming Ultra HD video (55%). 5g is obviously faster than 4G. For consumers, 5g can be transformed into outstanding speed, while uploading, sharing and streaming higher quality videos on social media without any lag.

5g has now become a key consideration for Smartphone purchases around the world.

In developed markets such as China and Europe, where 5g technology has been developed, 5g is the main driving force for Smartphone purchase (60%), second only to battery life (67%).

In India, 5g readiness is one of the top three factors for advanced smartphone users (83%), second only to battery life (84%) and smartphone brand image (84%).

Indian consumers have a strong desire to upgrade to 5g smartphones.

Nearly three out of every five existing advanced smartphone users are sure to upgrade to 5g enabled smartphones.

As far as 5g smartphone products are concerned, emotional ties and affinity have been established between consumers and smartphone brands, and consumers’ expectations can be realized around their brand vision, new innovation and 5g technology R & D leadership.

In China, Huawei is the most popular 5g smartphone brand (91%), followed by Apple (58%).

Samsung scored the highest in Western Europe (88%), followed by Huawei (65%).

In India, oppo (81%) scored the highest on 5g smartphones, followed by Samsung (79%).

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