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A new Accenture report shows that during the covid-19 pandemic, the use of non personal digital transactions through online and mobile channels replaced face-to-face Bank branch interaction.

A survey of more than 47000 consumers around the world shows that customers are more likely to take banking services as commodities without strong emotional ties with banks, and price is the ultimate competitive advantage. Specifically, nearly 4 / 10 of consumers (37%) listed value for money as one of the three most important factors, making it the most important factor in dealing with banks, an increase of 10 percentage points over two years ago.

Although banks have been encouraging consumers to use digital channels for transactional activities, covid-19 has accelerated this trend. Although banks generally view the widespread adoption of digital technology as a way to reduce costs and provide 24 / 7 services, the rapid shift to existing digital services and the rush to launch digital services have further weakened consumer trust. For example, less than a third of consumers (29%) trust banks to take care of their long-term financial situation, compared with 43% two years ago.

When asked how much they trust banks to take care of their data, less than four out of 10 consumers (37%) said they were “very confident,” down 14 percentage points from two years ago. Although overall trust may be declining, more than half (57%) of consumers believe that when providing advice, their banks “always” or “most of the time” put their best interests in mind; 62% of consumers believe that advice is sensible and personalized.

These factors may lead to why nearly a quarter of consumers (23%) think that banks are the most capable of providing products and services beyond their core expertise, far higher than technology providers (16%), social media (12%) and neobanks (11%).

A permanent behavioral change or pandemic

Banks need to assess how consumer behavior is affected by the pandemic and determine which behavioral changes are permanent. For example, before covid-19, only 15% of consumers communicated with bank advisers through video calls, but now nearly half of consumers (46%) are willing to do so, and 35% prefer video calls.

Moreover, banks need to understand how different channels affect consumer trust. For example, when receiving products and suggestions, only 28% of consumers “highly trust” the human advisor’s advice obtained through video calls.

The survey found that changes in bank behavior used to be a real-time indicator of increased competition or customer dissatisfaction, but has changed in the past two years. Basic account conversion activity has decreased significantly, with only 3.8% of consumers switching major bank accounts in the past 12 months, compared with 6.7% two years ago.

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