Android 11 has reached 24.3% 14 months after its release From Google

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Since 2018, Google has been very cautious about publishing the distribution of Android versions. Today, however, Google decided to release new figures. The report published on Android studio shows that 14 months after its release, the share of Android 11 has reached 24.3%; Android 10 has the largest share, at 26.5%. Android 9 ranked third with 18.2%.

The Android 12 just released in October has not recorded readings. 9to5 Google estimates that the data is about three weeks ago. The previous release of Android version distribution map dates back to April 2020, followed by may 2019 and October 2018.

Google touts Android 11 as the fastest version currently adopted, barely exceeding the trend line of Android 10. However, this is only two months after the release – third-party OEMs (the largest of which is Samsung) tend to upgrade their operating systems to their most popular devices from the third month, and these devices have the largest increase in adoption rate.

More reading: StatCounter: in February 2021, the installation rate of Android 11 in the United States reached 20.29%, less than 3% in China. Google: in December 2017, the share of Android 8.0 was only 0.5% Google: Android 2.2 “frozen yogurt” in May 2011 Market share is about 64.6%. Data interpretation: Google’s 10th anniversary of its acquisition of Android: in September 2014, the global Android 4.4 KitKat accounted for 24.5%, an increase of 3.6% Google: Android Market share report in April 2018 asymco: details of Google’s 10-year development and future problems Google: Android system version distribution in April 2020 Android 8.0 has the highest share Nielsen: Android: Google Google: Android 9.0 system still accounted for less than 0.1% of Le’s revenue in October 2018. Google’s financial report: in Q3 2013, Google’s revenue was $14.8 billion and its profit was $2.97 billion. Google: in June 2014, Android KitKat’s share had reached 13.6%. Google: as of September 14, 2011, more than 50% of Android devices were still running version 2.2. Google: Android 2. X usage rate was about 90% Google: Google Android devices every day The number of activation exceeded 500000

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