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Global mobile application index in March 2021 From App Annie

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“Jockey girl” ranked third in the global revenue list, becoming another phenomenal product in the Japanese market

Tiktok ranks first in the global app download list, with little change in global revenue compared with the same period last year

April 12, 2021, Beijing – App Annie released its march 2021 monthly index rankings today.

Global hot games

Among the top 10 global game download lists in March, king, a British company good at releasing elimination games, launched “puzzle Wolf: full speed charge”, which ranked in the top 5 (IOS version) of the global game download list in more than 100 countries. The number of downloads exceeded 21 million in four days, surpassing all Parkour games in the past.

In addition, League of Heroes: Battle canyon was officially released in March in the American market, the headquarters of riot games, and was successfully promoted to the ninth place in the global download list. The top three download markets in March were Brazil, the United States and Mexico.

Among the top 10 global game revenue lists in March, the turn based nurturing game “UMA Musume pretty Derby” of cygames came to the third place in the global revenue list only by virtue of its revenue in the Japanese market. The animation of “Ma Musume pretty Derby” was launched in 2018 Launched at the beginning of the year, players have waited for more than three years to finally launch mobile games. This is a nurturing game that integrates Japanese horse racing culture and two-dimensional beautiful girls, and aims to win the competition. As soon as it was launched in Japan, it was airborne to the top 3 of the download list and the best-selling list, and continued to dominate the list for several weeks, becoming another phenomenal product in Japan’s mobile game market.

Global popular applications

In the global app download list in March, tiktok still ranked first, and Facebook’s social products ranked 2-4. MX takatak, the No. 9 short video application, has been on the list for three consecutive months. It is a product of MX player of times of India Group. The number of downloads in India fell slightly this month, but in Pakistan, it grew by 55% on a month on month basis. Compared with last month, the global download volume of video editing application “clip image” did not increase significantly, and remained at the 10th place on the list. Indonesia, China and Brazil were the three markets with the highest download volume. In terms of domestic purchase revenue ranking, there was no significant change compared with last month.

Chinese mainland hot games

In March, the top 10 game downloads in China changed a lot. No. 5 is celadon’s Lantern and dungeon, which is a vertical version of the dungeon roguelike game, and integrates the unique “wick brightness adjustment” method to bring the players a comfortable brushing experience. In addition, Zilong game’s “heaven and earth plunder: the secluded city is coming again” reshapes the classic martial arts IP, arouses the feelings of countless players. Since its launch on March 10, it has parachuted to the top of China’s game download list, and dominated the list for nearly a week. At the same time, it has reached the top of the best-selling list to the third place. The other two kinds of leisure and intelligence oriented “happy Xiaole” and “water sorting puzzle” have greatly improved their download rankings this month. There is little change in the top 10 of the income list, and the new one is “heaven and earth robbery: the secluded city is coming again”.

Hot applications in Chinese mainland

Among the top 10 IOS app downloads in China, “Taobao special edition” increased 37 places this month, leaping to No. 5. This is a special shopping app that focuses on saving money, small size and fast speed. Another one with a high download growth rate is “traffic management 12123”, which rose 14 places to the ninth place, and the download volume increased 28% month on month. In the income ranking, “boss direct employment” ushered in a wave of growth in the peak period of job hopping, and the ranking rose to No. 7.

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