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Mobile devices have proved to be an important part of this year’s holiday shopping season. In the week of Amazon Prime day membership day 2020 (October 13-14), Americans spent more than 61 million hours shopping on mobile devices (up 30% year-on-year), while using shopping apps via Android devices exceeded 51 million hours in the first week of November. Still, “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” will remain important events for retailers, as consumers are expected to spend more than 110 million hours on shopping apps on Android devices in the two weeks. Considering that novel coronavirus pneumonia be not at all surprising, the mobile device has been accelerated to 4 hours and 20 minutes per day, and mobile devices have become the main channel to promote consumer participation and advertising.

Total weekly usage time of Android mobile phone users in shopping app in the United States, January 2019 to October 2020

With the advent of Black Friday and online Monday, people’s demand for shopping applications is unprecedented. Popular shopping applications downloaded include online and offline integrated retailers, digital priority retailers, C2C market and shopping assistant (such as logistics, payment, etc.). In the first two weeks of November, as we entered the mobile shopping season, Walmart was the most downloaded shopping app, followed by Amazon, target, offerup and wish.

Top 5 Shopping app downloads in the United States, digital priority, online and offline combination, C2C market, shopping assistant

The package tracking application shop ranks seventh among all shopping applications, ranking first among similar applications. It reflects the power of small retailers or brands directly facing consumers, and also reflects the market demand for tracking distribution logistics. Klarna and afterpay, two similar “Huabai” shopping payment applications, are the most popular financial applications in the shopping category.

In the past few months, we have seen retailers including Amazon, target, Walmart and Macy’s start to advance holiday promotions. Mopub shared with us how advertisers can take advantage of the growing mobile momentum this holiday season. According to mopub, mobile advertising spending on retail and apparel applications rose 32% year-on-year in October. This growth highlights the efforts of retailers to remain competitive in the challenge of the epidemic, as they strive to achieve strong growth by the end of the fourth quarter to make up for the time lost due to the epidemic blockade.

Mobile advertising spending on retail and apparel on mopub, U.S., October 2019 vs. October 2020

“Based on our platform’s year-on-year data from October 2019 to 2020, we see a 32% increase in spending in the retail and apparel application categories,” said John Bonanno, revenue manager at mopub. This data shows that, despite these changes in 2020, interest in the retail / clothing industry is still growing, and mobile shopping activities in the holiday season should be full of fire. “

Currently, Amazon ranks first in the number of downloads in digital priority shopping applications. It has achieved a substantial growth in October’s prime day membership day (October 13-14) with sales of $3.5 billion. Hypermarket retailers also invested heavily in mobile advertising in October, hoping to compete with prime day for customers and boost sales ahead of Black Friday.

John Bonanno also pointed out: “in the second half of October 2020, we saw a significant increase in hypermarket advertisers compared with October 2019. This may be a preemptive impact from the overall growth of online shopping during the epidemic period. Compared with the traditional Black Friday live promotion, these advertisers have an advantage in the Black Friday / holiday season. “

Monthly mobile advertising spending changes of hypermarket retailers in mopub, USA, 2019 vs. 2020

So what are the effects of different forms of advertising in these activities? According to mopub data, during October 2020, for Hypermarket retailers, the effect of full screen and incentive video mobile advertising was the most significant, and the click through rate of incentive video increased by 7.2 times year-on-year.

Comparison of click through rates of hypermarket retailers in mopub’s full screen and incentive video mobile ads, U.S., 2019 vs. 2020

“Mopub has noticed an interesting trend in recent months that the click through rate of hypermarket ads is increasing, and these stores are using the full screen advertising format that is popular in mobile applications, including incentive videos,” says John Bonanno. This tells us that advertisers are successfully expanding new forms of advertising to attract audiences. “

During key holiday season events such as black Friday and online Monday, advertisers can take advantage of the extra time consumers spend on mobile devices to make a fortune. However, long term investment in mobile promotion should also be considered, as equipment usage will remain high even after these festivals. Read more: app Annie: holiday shopping season forecast for the fourth quarter of 2020 Annie: app sales expected to reach $110 billion in 2018 app Annie: global mobile app index rankings in July 2020 Annie China insight: China’s novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has a global impact on the global mobile economy. App Annie:2020 February China’s list of shipping revenue list February App Annie:2020 second quarter global mobile game index ranking App Annie: health monitoring equipment has become mainstream wearable mobile applications App Annie: top 30 overseas revenue of Chinese manufacturers and applications in October 2020

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