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List of Chinese manufacturers’ overseas revenue and download in 2020 From App Annie

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In 2021, APP Annie will launch the top 30 Chinese manufacturers’ overseas revenue and top 30 Chinese manufacturers’ overseas download.

In 2020, although people have experienced the test of COVID-19, it is a challenging year for China’s distributors, and it is also a vigorous year. They have made remarkable achievements in coping with global challenges and new opportunities of continuous development. For the first time, Chinese publishers have surpassed Japan and become the second largest country in app Annie’s top 52 global publishers after the United States, reaching 15, an increase of 4 compared with last year. The total amount of overseas Downloads has increased by 8% year on year and the revenue has increased by 53% year on year.

The game goes to sea by leaps and bounds

Games are still the biggest source of overseas revenue for Chinese companies. Among the high growth game categories, RPG game is the most significant, followed by puzzle leisure, strategy and gambling game. Among them, “sword and expedition” and “original God” as the representative of RPG role-playing category revenue growth fastest. Funplus has advanced seven places in the top 52 global distributors, and is firmly at the top of the Chinese manufacturers’ revenue list. “Sword and expedition” and “the awakening of nations” continued to make efforts in overseas and multinational markets, leading Lilith to rise to the second place. By virtue of the phenomenal explosion of self-developed original God, MIHA you not only entered the top 30 of Haihai income, but also directly jumped to the ninth place.

While the game users gradually form a stable and good payment habit, the expectation of the game players is also higher and higher. In 2020, haitoutou company, which has achieved high growth rate, is aiming at its sub category users, using high-quality products with refined market operation to obtain high returns from players.

Accelerating the layout of non game applications at sea

In addition to the strong momentum of games going out to sea, China’s non game applications have also won wide international recognition in 2020. Different from the previous layout of various manufacturers, this year’s non game applications are going to sea.

The most prominent is the growth of “tiktok” in Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America and the Middle East. In the past year, tiktok’s global active users have tripled compared with 2018, and are expected to exceed 1.2 billion this year, prompting its parent company to reach the top of this year’s annual download list of Chinese manufacturers. In app Annie’s list of the world’s top 52 apps, it also surpassed Amazon and Netflix to reach the top 30.

In other application categories, babybus, the online education software, continues to maintain its leading position in the application category of going to sea, followed by huanju group, ranking fourth in the top 30 download categories of going to sea.

In the past year, China’s mobile application publishers have made remarkable achievements in the international market, showing strong product competitiveness in many fields, from games to video, social networking, online reading, photo editing and so on. As users become more dependent on mobile devices, more capital may be injected into mobile technology companies. It can be predicted that there will be new products in all fields from business to leisure, which also means a clearer development prospect for Chinese companies. As a leading mobile data and analysis platform, APP Annie will continue to share in-depth professional insights to help Chinese and global publishers succeed in the mobile field.

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