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March 2021 top 30 Chinese manufacturers and mobile applications going to sea From App Annie

The following is the March 2021 top 30 Chinese manufacturers and mobile applications going to sea From App Annie recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: App Annie, Mobile applications.

Funplus continues to maintain its advantages and remains single in the list of overseas issuers

Pubg mobile surpasses “the original God” and returns to the top one of single game list. It’s hot to eat chicken

April 12, 2021, Beijing – App Annie released its march 2021 monthly index rankings today.

In March, there was little change in the list of issuers going to sea. Most of the issuers were regular customers on the list. Funplus has played a stable role in many games, continues to maintain its advantages and ranks first. Tencent’s ranking surpasses that of MIHA tour and returns to the second place. From the list of single products, we can see that “pubg mobile” surpasses “Yuanshen” and returns to the first place on the list. In March, taking advantage of the third anniversary of pumg mobile, Tencent announced that pumg Mobile has 1 billion players in the world. Meanwhile, the theme song stars align of pumg mobile x r3hab x Jolin for the third anniversary of Jolin Tsai’s promotion was officially launched and launched in the game. With the arrival of S18 in the new season, the new trick of clown trick of battle royal will be launched in March.

Congratulations to the publisher, ejoy, who has risen 20 places to the 29th place on the list, mainly due to the continuous operation of the Three Kingdoms strategic edition in Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and South Korea in March. Since March, “history of the Three Kingdoms · strategy edition” has occupied the first place in the download list and best-selling list of Google play and app store strategy games in South Korea for many days, which shows the attraction of the theme of the Three Kingdoms in South Korea. From the list of single products, we can also see that “Three Kingdoms · strategic edition” increased 9 places in the list in March, and came to the 20th place. “Puzzles & survival” from Sanqi mutual entertainment jumped 9 places in January, 7 places in February and 6 places in March to the 15th place. It can be seen that the mixed play of Sanxiao + strategy has been recognized by the market. Welcome to view the popular trend of Sanxiao + X or other mixed play methods in various countries through the classification of APP Annie game IQ.

Finally, congratulations to’s “western wind and cloud” for 6 places, ranking 29th on the list. MIHA you’s “crash 3” jumped 14 places and returned to the top 30. Read more: app Annie: global users spend more than $16.7 billion on mobile games in Q1 of 2020 Annie: app sales are expected to reach 110 billion US dollars in 2018 app Annie: five industry forecasts of global mobile app market in 2020 Annie: February 2020 mobile application index ranking app Annie: June 2016 global mobile application index app Annie: August 2020 global mobile application index ranking app Annie: 2016 second quarter mobile application forecast report (with download) app Annie: November 2014 global game index

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