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App Annie data showed that in November, Tencent ranked top three in the list of popular game revenue in mainland China, and for the first time in a month, the “skyline moon knife” of gulong IP Holdings has surpassed the “elite of peace” for the first time, accounting for second of the income rankings. Netease’s big talk journey to the West has returned to the top 10 in the income list, along with the company’s game dream journey to the West.

Compared with last month, there is no significant change in the global game revenue list. Yuanshen, which has just won the app store and Google play’s best game of the year, is No. 1 in the revenue list.

The following is the original report:

Global hot games

This summer’s hot “space werewolf killing” game among us! Has no intention to continue to dominate the list, firmly ranking the first download in the world. Voodoo’s latest super leisure game “running on a bridge” is ranked the second in the global download list. This game continues the Parkour theme that voodoo is good at, and integrates the shortcut elements of last year’s popular products and the snake eating method. The runway has become a more free form of arbitrary conversion, and has learned from the stair elements of several recent new games. Women from Crazy lab, a well-known leisure game manufacturer in Israel, have been recommended by app stores for several times. In November, it soared to the sixth place in the global download list, providing a new perspective for women’s leisure games. Dreamland, which has been online for more than three years, has returned to the top 10 downloads this month, proving that there is still a lot of room for the long-term prosperity of the “eliminate + build” category. There is no significant change in the global revenue list compared with last month. Yuanshen, who just won the app store and Google play’s best game of the year, is firmly at the top of the revenue list.

Global hot applications

In terms of global popular applications, Disney + has been continuously recommended by app store and Google play in more countries and regions, ranking the seventh in the global download list, with excellent revenue performance, and continues to stay at the fourth place in the revenue list. It is worth looking forward to the future. Iqiyi video pushed Pandora music back to No. 8 in revenue.

Hot game in mainland China

Last month, the new business simulation game “Internet cafe Simulator” from Chengdu pinyou Technology Co., Ltd. was stable, with a slight drop of 1 place, ranking third. Among the top 10 popular games, there are 3 leisure / super leisure games with great changes. Wuhan WeiPai’s big battle of snake climbed to No.8 in the download list this month, proving that the classic game of snake is still hot. Parkour theme game “unity action! “22 points higher than last month, and the Voodoo shooting and blasting theme game” blasting master “together into the Chinese mainland’s top ten download list. In terms of revenue, Tencent has successfully won the top three in the revenue list. The revenue of Tianya Mingyue Dao, which has been supported by Gulong IP for the first time, has surpassed that of peace elite for the first time, and is willing to raise the second place in the income list. “A journey to the west” is back in the top 10 of the income list.

Hot applications in mainland China

This month, “bilibilibili animation”, “Tencent video”, “iqiyi video” and “Mango TV” have increased in download volume and revenue.

Note: the above data is based on app Annie’s current estimates for all periods up to December 10

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