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The following is the Top global & China Mobile Applications index in December 2020 From App Annie recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: App Annie, Mobile applications.

Global popular applications

In the global popular application tiktok, TikTok (short video) is still occupying the top list of downloads and revenue. Netflix launched the streamfest experience in India from December 5 to 6, that is, Indian users can watch blockbusters, TV dramas, documentaries, entertainment programs and other resources for free on this weekend, resulting in a surge in Netflix downloads. In the list of application revenue, bigo live still maintains the stable growth in 2020.

Global hot games

In December 2020, the number of downloads of “roof rails” in the world’s most popular games is growing rapidly. According to app Annie’s estimation, its monthly downloads in India and the United States are more than 3 million. Sushi rolls 3D, a new saygames tour, has seen continuous growth in downloads in many countries around the world, ranking fifth in the world in the first month. In terms of revenue, according to app Annie intelligence, fat / grand order rose significantly in December, reaching the highest monthly revenue in 2020 in Japan and surpassing the same period in 2019.

Hot applications in Chinese mainland

Chinese mainland’s December popular application list basically maintained last month’s situation. The three apps on the list are all video apps. It is worth mentioning that, according to app Annie intelligence estimation data, the revenue of more than half of the popular apps in the revenue list has increased compared with last month.

Hot game in mainland China

Chinese mainland China’s popular game list, after more than 1 years of online version, the call of duty mobile games finally met with domestic game player. It only went online for a week, and it has been on the forefront in China’s iOS download and revenue list in December. According to App Annie Intelligence data, it was on-line (25-31 Running water is second only to “glory of the king”, “peace elite” and “dream journey to the west”.

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