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Summary report of app store promotion market in October 2021 From Seven wheat data

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October app store news review

1. Apple requires apps in the app store to provide the user account deletion function

On October 6, Apple announced that from January 31, 2022, all apps supporting the creation of personal accounts must also allow users to request to delete accounts from the app.

This is another strengthening of the “privacy protection” that Apple has always advocated. As early as before and after the wwdc21 conference in June this year, apple updated the app store audit guide, which also updated article (V) of article 5.1.1, adding the sentence “apps that support account creation must also provide account deletion function.

What do developers need to pay attention to?

(1) Strict implementation: Apple has added the “requirement to provide account deletion in the app” to the app store audit guide, and clearly stated that it will be implemented from January 31, 2022. It is recommended to launch this function as early as possible. After January 31, Apple will certainly focus on this part.

(2) How to set this function: Apple’s new regulations strictly require that app must set a function so that users can “delete their account from app”, but it is not clear how to set this function. At present, the “delete account” function can be simple or complex. Some developers set the logout function in the personal center. Others guide users to customer service or send an email to inform users to completely delete their information, which can be determined according to specific needs.

2. Apple reminds: price adjustment will be implemented for app and items purchased in app

On October 16, apple issued a reminder to developers that the tax rate and price adjustment will be implemented for app and purchased items in app. Apple said that when the tax rate or foreign exchange rate changes, the prices in some areas of the app store will sometimes be updated, and the income of developers will also be adjusted.

3. Apple further expanded the “search suggestion” tag function of the app store to cover the crowd

On October 18, Qimai research and test found that Apple further expanded the “search suggestion” tag function of the app store to cover the population. IOS 14.3 and above systems now support the “search suggestion” tag function of the app store.

As early as April 29 this year, Apple announced the launch of the “search suggestion” function in the app stores in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, allowing users to find apps through the tags actively pushed by the system. This function is designed to facilitate user search, and use the Search tab to make the search results more accurate. In August, Apple launched a gray scale test on the Chinese mainland, and only some mobile phone systems could search the “search suggestion” label. At present, Apple has further opened this function, and IOS 14.3 and above systems can view the “search suggestions” tab of the app store.

4. Apple held its second autumn press conference on October 19

At 1 a.m. on October 19, apple held its second press conference in autumn. Around the theme of “music and Mac”, this press conference brought us a service (voice plan voice control scheme), two chips (M1 pro and M1 max), and three products (MacBook Pro, airpods 3 and new color homepod mini).

5. In app activities were officially displayed in the app store of IOS / ipados 15

On October 21, apple told developers that from October 27, users will be able to view activities in the app directly on the app store. At present, several apps such as “Youku”, “BiliBili”, “King glory” and “original God” have been launched in the app and displayed in the app store.

This update of the app store provides a new way for developers to obtain volume. Developers can use relevant activities in the app to attract users to download or use the app.

6. Apple updated the app store audit guide to “allow” developers to contact users to discuss alternative payment methods

On October 22, apple updated the audit rules of its app store, including “one deletion” and “two additions”.

One deletion:

In the new audit guide, “developers shall not use the information obtained from the app to direct an individual user to a location outside the app to use a purchase method other than the purchase items in the app (for example, after an individual user registers an account in the app, he will send an email introducing other purchase methods to the user).”.

Before deletion:

3.1.3 other purchase methods: the following apps can use purchase methods other than those purchased in the app. The app in this section shall not send communication content (such as e-mail or text) in the app or through the contact information provided by the user when registering an account in the app, so as to encourage the user to use the purchase method other than the purchase items in the app.

After deletion: 3.1.3 other purchase methods: the following apps can use purchase methods other than those purchased in the app. The app in this section shall not encourage users to use purchase methods other than items purchased in the app. Developers can send promotional materials to their user base outside the app to introduce purchase methods other than purchase items in the app.

(Note: the so-called “following apps” refer to “reader” apps, apps that provide cross platform services, apps that provide enterprise services and one-to-one services.)

Previously, some IOS developers in the United States accused apple of using the app store to impose commissions and file a lawsuit. After two years, apple proposed settlement terms in August and released them on its official website.

The clause identifies seven issues closely related to developers, including “developers will be allowed to use e-mail to introduce third-party payment methods to users without paying commission to Apple”. At present, this rule update is the implementation of this previous message.

Two additions:

① Added the relevant rules of “activities in app”, including “the deep link of the activity must correspond to the correct position in the app” and the relevant rules of activity time and benefit;

On October 21, Apple launched a new feature – “in app activities” in the app store. Developers who want to publicize app activities in the app store need to submit them to apple for review like binary files and other metadata. The addition of the content of the review guide is the implementation of this feature review.

② Relevant rules of “app can request users to provide basic contact information” have been added. The premise of the request is that “the user has the right to choose whether to provide information”, “whether the user provides information shall not be a prerequisite for using app functions and services”, and “the app must comply with all other provisions of relevant guidelines (including restrictions on collecting children’s information)”  

7. Official release of Apple IOS / ipados 15.1: supports airpods3, brings shared simulcast and a series of improvements

On October 26, the official version of Apple IOS / ipados 15.1 was released, with new simulcast sharing functions, shared playlists, TV program synchronization and other functions; IPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have updated macro shooting function and apple prores; A verifiable covid-19 vaccination card has been introduced into Apple wallet. In addition, airpods3 only supports IOS 15.1, ipados 15.1, watchos 8.1, tvos15.1 or MacOS Monterey.

October app store data overview

1. Number of new / offline apps in App Store

In October 2021, there were 32612 products on the app store, with a decrease of 6.7% compared with the previous month; The number of products off the shelves in October was higher than that in September, with a total of 57667 models.

The top 6 categories of new apps are: Games, tools, business, shopping, life, delicious food and drinks, of which the game category adds the most, 3999; Among the off shelf products, the number of life apps is the largest, 6111. In addition, there are business, games and other types of off shelf products.

2、10   Monthly audit cycle monthly statistics

In October, the average audit duration of app store was 10.62h and the average audit duration of working days was 10.33h. Compared with September, the average audit duration and working day audit duration were reduced, and the audit efficiency was greatly improved.

3、10   Monthly ranking of monthly rejected terms

October due clause   2.1 (APP completion) most apps were rejected, accounting for 53.85%; Clause 2.3(   Accurate metadata  ) The second is 23.08%   3.1.1 (items purchased in the app) and other reasons are 7.69%; the number of apps rejected due to Clause 4.2 (minimum functional requirements) and clause 4.3 (repeated APP) is the least, accounting for 3.85%.

4、10   Monthly audited title / subtitle statistics

In the sample of approved titles in October, the number of titles with main titles in the range of 1-5 characters is the largest, with a total of 14072, followed by titles in the range of 6-10 characters, with a total of 8969; In the subtitle, the character range is mainly concentrated in the range of 6-15, with a total of 14942.

Among the reviewed title words, the keyword “platform” still has the highest frequency, with a frequency of 2573   Times, accounting for 9.28%, followed by “games”, “management”, “video”, “software”, “learning”, etc.

5、10   Monthly keyword ranking optimization compliance rate change trend

In October, the average compliance rate of keyword ranking optimization was 84.74%, compared with 88.6% in September   Compared with the average compliance rate of. The highest compliance rate was 93% on October 2 and 25, and the lowest compliance rate was 72% on October 18.

6、10   Analysis on the hot search list of app store in January

There were 2960 products on the hot search list in October, an increase of 64 compared with 2896 products in September. From the product types on the app store hot search list, they are still all game apps.

In October, there were 744 keywords on the overheated search list. The search index was mainly distributed in 7000-7999, accounting for 44.35%, followed by the keyword of 8000 + search index, accounting for 34.41%.

7、10   Analysis of recommended products in app store in January

Among the recommended products in the app store in October, there were 280 apps and 306 games. The number of recommended Games was slightly higher, accounting for 52.2%.

In terms of the number of recommended products, the cumulative number of recommended products in October was Top1   “BiliBili” was recommended 16 times, followed by “hero League mobile game”, which was recommended 14 times.

Among the top 5 recommended products, there are 7 apps on the list, 5 are apps and 2 are games. Apps are recommended more than games; Among the seven apps on the list, Tencent has three, which are the manufacturers with the most apps on the list.

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