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Deloitte released a new report “technology trends in 2021”.

Strategy, elaborate design. Today’s technology brings new competitive advantages to some organizations and threats to others. As a result, the distinction between corporate strategy and technology strategy becomes blurred. Smart enterprise strategists are going beyond their organization’s current technological capabilities and competitive landscape to consider the broader possibilities of technology. However, the complex uncertainty and range of possibilities cannot be handled by human brain. That’s why strategists are turning to strategic technology platforms with advanced analytics, automation, and AI.

Core rejuvenation. Modernizing old enterprise systems and moving them to the cloud can help release the digital potential of enterprises. Some pioneering companies began to use clever outsourcing arrangements to redesign traditional business cases to achieve core modernization. In an uncertain business environment, innovative ways to extract more value from traditional core assets may soon become a standard part of every CIO’s digital transformation manual.

Supply chain. For a long time, supply chain has been regarded as the cost of doing business. It is moving from the back office to the value-added front line of customer segmentation and product differentiation. Facing the future, manufacturers, retailers and distributors are exploring ways to transform the cost center of supply chain into a customer-centered value driving force.

Mlops: Industrial AI. Advanced machine learning models can help companies effectively discover patterns, reveal anomalies, make predictions and decisions, and generate insights, and are increasingly becoming a key driving force for corporate performance.

Machine data revolution. Machine learning is expected to comprehensively reform enterprise operation and decision-making. More and more AI pioneers realize that legacy data model and infrastructure may become obstacles to the success of machine learning. As a result, they are deploying new technologies and methods.

Zero Trust: never trust, always verify. Complex network attacks and changing enterprise environment destroy the traditional network security methods. Zero trust comes from the following concept: modern enterprise environment must adopt different security methods, there is no longer a defined scope, and every user, workload, device and network needs to be verified.

Restart the digital workplace. By embracing the positive aspects of the digital workplace more consciously, companies can overcome the shortcomings and ambiguities of the digital workplace. This can help enterprises optimize individual and team performance, and customize employee experience through personalized suggestions, so as to make remote work more suitable for future enterprise operation.

Tailored. When we look back, 2020 will be a turning point for most people to adapt to digital interaction for their daily life, whether it’s working at home, online learning or ordering groceries. However, the prevalence of digital interaction makes us more eager to interact in person. Looking to the future, online and offline interaction is no longer a separate experience.

Dei Technology: a fair tool. Diversity, equity and inclusiveness are top priorities for many businesses. More and more enterprises adopt an overall, organization wide employee strategy to solve prejudice and unfairness, so as to improve the performance of enterprises and employees.

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