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7% of EU enterprises will use AI applications in 2020 From Eurostat

The following is the 7% of EU enterprises will use AI applications in 2020 From Eurostat recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: artificial intelligence, machine learning.

In 2020, 7% of EU enterprises (at least 10 employees) will use AI applications. 2% of enterprises use machine learning to analyze big data internally, and 1% use natural language processing, natural language generation or speech recognition to analyze big data internally. 2% of enterprises use chat services, chat robots or virtual agents to generate natural language responses to customers. Another 2% of enterprises use service robots with certain autonomy, such as cleaning, dangerous or repetitive tasks, cleaning toxic substances, sorting goods in warehouses, helping customers to shop or pay, etc.

In 2020, among EU Member States, Ireland has the highest proportion (23%) of enterprises using four AI applications. Other countries with extensive AI adoption include Malta (19%), Finland (12%) and Denmark (11%).

In contrast, less than 10% of the enterprises in other member countries use these four AI applications. Latvian (2%), Slovenian, Hungarian, Cyprus (3%) and polish (4%) had the lowest share.

Dun & Bradstreet: two thirds of business leaders think data will help them develop their business. Healthtransformer: AI and machine learning companies accounted for 12% of medical technology investment transactions in 2017 Machine learning technology and artificial intelligence will become the first choice for app development. CrunchBase: seed investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning industry in the United States dropped for the first time in 2017 pitchbook: investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning industry in the United States exceeded US $4.5 billion in 2017. Survey shows that 32% of Singapore institutions are using machine learning technology. Northwestern University: research finds that machine learning can promote economic growth McKinsey: the current situation of machine learning and artificial intelligence in 2017: six top experts in the field of AI and machine learning in the world in 2017, deepfake’s growth rate will exceed 330% in 2020. Stanford University: artificial intelligence index report in 2019 indeed released AI talent employment report: the annual salary of machine learning engineers is 980000, but AI employment growth is declining! Gartner: it department’s demand for AI talents has tripled in the past four years. Amazon cloud service (AWS) promotes the innovative application of machine learning in an all-round way

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