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Apple has acquired the largest number of AI companies in the past four years From GlobalData

The following is the Apple has acquired the largest number of AI companies in the past four years From GlobalData recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: artificial intelligence, Venture capital.

According to global data, apple acquired the largest number of AI companies between 2016 and 2020. In addition to apple, Accenture, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have also acquired a large number of AI companies.

AI companies acquired by Apple include emotient, turi, glimpse, realface, Shazam, sensormotor, silk labs 、 Laserlike、 SpectralEdge、Voysis、 And so on. Apple hopes AI and machine learning can improve its products and services.

Apple has not officially announced all the companies it has acquired, so some companies may not be reported after they have been acquired by apple. At the February shareholders’ meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that in the past six years, Apple has acquired nearly 100 companies.

Apple bought many companies to improve Siri, such as the acquisition of Inductiv to improve Siri data, buy Voysisi to improve Siri natural language understanding, acquire PullString, and facilitate iOS developers to invoke Siri function in application.

Other acquired companies are for future products, such as acquisitions , which is a self driving start-up, and its technology may be integrated into Apple’s self driving vehicles in the future.

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