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By 2023, 10% of workers will try to cheat the AI overlord From Gartner

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Gartner, an analysis firm, predicts that by 2023, 10% of workers will try to cheat employers into deploying artificial intelligence (AI) systems designed to track their behavior and productivity. As the coronavirus drives the need for telecommuting, employers are also turning to artificial intelligence to ensure that work is done in one day, the company said.

However, whit Andrews from Gartner warned companies seeking to deploy such technologies.

“It leaders who are considering deploying AI productivity monitoring tools should carefully study the data sources, user experience design and initial use cases of these tools before investing. Determine whether the purpose and scope of data collection support employees to do the best work. For those who decide to invest in AI monitoring workflow, by testing according to a set of key people-oriented design principles, we need to ensure that the implementation of the technology is ethical. “

Not surprisingly, the use of tracking technology to monitor productivity is not very popular with workers. Gartner data has shown that people’s fear of tracking technology seemed inevitable before the pandemic, but now they appear on a broader scale, with at least a “high proportion” of workers not liking the idea of being tracked.

The company points out that the online car Hailing industry is an example of what happens when other employment sectors shift to digital priority. Artificial intelligence can be tricked into producing false or confusing data, and some drivers will work for two different clients at the same time to increase their income, the company said. In addition, Gartner also said that workers would evade the management of AI system by looking for indicators without capture activities or unclear accountability.

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