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Trend technology, a Dallas based cloud security company, recently conducted a new study, which shows that more than two fifths (41%) of IT executives believe that artificial intelligence will replace them by 2030. In its forecast report turning the tide, the company said cyber criminals will see home networks as an important way to invade corporate IT and Internet of things networks.

The research is based on interviews with 500 it directors and managers, CIOs and CTOs, who are not optimistic about their career prospects.

Only 9% of respondents are confident that AI will never replace their jobs in the next decade. In fact, nearly a third (32%) said they believed the technology would eventually be dedicated to fully automating all network security with little human intervention.

Nearly a fifth (19%) believe that it will be common for attackers to use AI to enhance their arsenals by 2025.

About a quarter (24%) of IT executives interviewed also claimed that by 2030, data access would be linked to biometric or DNA data, making unauthorized access impossible.

In the short term, respondents also predicted the following results by 2025. They predict that as telecommuting becomes the norm, most organizations will significantly reduce their investment in property (22%).

5g across the United States will completely change the network and security infrastructure (21%), and security will use AI for self-management and automation (15%). However, it will be common for attackers to use AI to strengthen their arsenals (19%).

“We need to be realistic about the future,” said Bharat mistry, technical director of trend technology. Although AI is a useful tool to help us resist threats, its value can only be utilized when combined with human expertise. “

The company also predicts that cybercriminals will continue to seek the maximum economic return from their attacks. Organizations and security teams must be flexible and vigilant to stay ahead of criminals. So, how can enterprises mitigate the current threat? Trend technology recommends that enterprises redouble their best practice security and patch management plans, and enhance threat detection with all-weather security expertise to protect cloud workloads, e-mail, endpoints, networks, and servers.

It also recommends user education and training to extend enterprise security best practices to homes, including the recommendation not to use personal devices, while maintaining strict access control to corporate networks and home offices, including zero trust.

Although it industry executives believe that automation will eliminate many roles within a decade, they should not spend time worrying about jobs being eliminated. It will adapt to new ways of work or work, enterprises will continue to develop, using automation to alleviate the challenges of skills shortage.

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