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Magic Quadrant of cloud AI developer services in 2021 From Gartner

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Gartner, a market research organization, recently announced the magic quadrant of cloud AI developer service in 2021. In the report, Microsoft is in the “leaders” quadrant, and the highest position on the executive ability axis. On the axis of vision, Microsoft is second only to Google and IBM. At present, Microsoft provides comprehensive products for machine learning, computer vision and natural language. Gartner stressed that the following are the advantages and considerations of Microsoft’s AI developer service.


Products or services

Microsoft continues to strengthen its combination of cognitive services, ML and automl for multiple roles: Data scientist, developer and citizen data scientist. Azure machine learning designers provide a visual process design tool for connecting data sets and modules to create, test, train, and deploy pipelines and ml models. Cognitive services provide independent and customizable models for voice, language and vision.

‚óŹ understanding of the market

In terms of deployment options, Microsoft is one of the more flexible providers of CAIDS. According to the needs of enterprise customers, its services can be deployed in azure cloud, virtual private cloud or in the enterprise through containers. Microsoft also integrates services with extended systems and devices through its smart edge options.


Microsoft continues to promote its industry-leading natural language function, recently added 49 languages of text to speech neural speech, and expanded azure cognitive search function. It also defines its dialogic AI products, including a developer centric approach based on BOT framework and a business user centric approach based on power virtual agent. The two solutions can be combined in one solution as needed.

matters needing attention

Marketing strategy

Microsoft focuses its citizen developer AI products on its power platform; for example, powerbi and power virtual agents. Although the power platform has a pre-set connector to the industry system, the independent positioning of the citizen platform may force enterprises to adopt the enterprise roadmap they have not planned.

Sales execution / pricing

Although Microsoft provides free initial price level and trial period for azure AI and power platform, the enterprise planning the project should simulate the expected production load in order to better predict the cost after the trial period. This is especially true for cloudy implementations.

Market responsiveness

Microsoft mainly provides artificial intelligence services through its partner network, and selectively contacts enterprises directly to develop solutions. This approach is not unique to Microsoft, but it may prove to be a challenge for companies that are just starting to develop their own cloud computing solutions.

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