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About 20% of electric vehicle buyers choose traditional internal combustion engine vehicles again From Natural energy

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Many governments and automobile manufacturers hope to push consumers away from internal combustion engine vehicles and turn to electric vehicles. However, due to the lack of available charging infrastructure and the additional cost compared with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles still pose a major challenge to many consumers《 According to a new study published in the journal natural energy, 20%, or one in five people choose to buy fuel powered vehicles after they buy electric vehicles.

The researchers surveyed a sample of 4160 people who bought electric cars in California between 2012 and 2018. This means that the data used was a few years ago, and since then there has been significant progress in the field of electric vehicles. Among the people surveyed, 1840 buyers have decided what their next car is after the electric car, which means they have decided to switch back to traditional cars.

Those most likely to switch from electric vehicles to conventional internal combustion engines are those who rely on electric vehicles as their only means of transportation. People who live in places where charging is difficult are more likely to give up electric cars. On the one hand, the price of electric vehicles is still higher than that of similar internal-combustion vehicles, making those with lower income less likely to transition to or continue to use electric vehicles.

Charging infrastructure is a special problem, and it’s worse for some people than for others. People who live in apartments or in densely populated urban areas can’t charge their vehicles without a charger nearby. Many workplaces also lack charging infrastructure, which means that many people have no place to charge electric vehicles to meet the needs of high-density vehicles.

Interestingly, the study also found that women are more likely to switch to gasoline powered vehicles after buying electric vehicles than men. It’s not clear what that might be. The women in the survey group may have bought more electric vehicles than men, but the demographic information is not available.

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