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With the arrival of new January, it means that the list of various models is coming. Although the list of sales models has not been published yet, the list of complaints has been published first. A few days ago, according to the list of auto complaints in 2020 released by auto, the top ten are mainly from joint ventures, and mainly concentrated in Japanese and German. It is worth mentioning that the top two are all Japanese.

Specifically, FAW Mazda ATZ, which has the highest number of complaints in 2020, has 1488 complaints. The main complaint is also the abnormal noise that the old students talked about, including the abnormal noise of the car body, the abnormal noise of the center console and the abnormal noise of the skylight, which seriously affects the driving experience.

Although FAW Mazda has said that it will be responsible to the users for the abnormal noise, it has never explained to the public the real reasons for the abnormal noise and the solutions.

In the second place is GAC Toyota Camry, with a total of 1241 complaints. Camry early because of engine oil increase / oil emulsification problem, resulting in a surge in complaints, so far Toyota has not given a clear solution.

In addition, Camry was also complained about the cracking of the instrument panel, oil leakage of the half shaft and oil leakage of the ball cage sleeve.

And Volkswagen’s su Teng, Lang Yi, maiteng and Passat ranked fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth respectively. It is worth mentioning that the double clutch has become the main complaint point among the models that involve complaints against Volkswagen. The star model Passat is suspected of design defects.

It is worth mentioning that Audi A4L is the only luxury car in the list, with a total of 631 complaints. The main problems are abnormal noise of the transmission, leakage of antifreeze from the engine, frustration of the transmission, etc.

It should be noted that the higher the sales volume is, the higher the listing rate of the models with large ownership. That is to say, being on the list does not mean that the quality is poor, but it reflects the objective problems existing in the vehicles, and the manufacturers should pay attention to them.

The top three complaints about electric vehicles are related to batteries. Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce: complaints about automobiles and online shopping increased 70% year on year in 2015. China Automobile Circulation Association: in March 2020, the sales volume of domestic narrow sense passenger car market reached 1.045 million A year-on-year decrease of 40.4% China Automobile Circulation Association: monthly report of China’s imported automobile market in April 2020 Beijing automobile market analysis in January 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: 57 new authorized 4S stores for luxury brands in the first quarter of 2020 41 4S stores on of Commerce: 373000 vehicles exported from January to may 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: Research on China’s automobile preservation rate in the first half of 2020 Forbes China: China’s automobile rich list in 2020 Ningde times Zeng Yuqun becomes the richest man consumer report: authoritative automobile reliability report in 2020 Mazda surpasses Toyota to top the list of global automobile enterprises market value in 2020 Weilai enters into the top ten of the world J.D. Power: 2020 China new car quality research independent brand quality backward industry average level in the first half of 2020 global car enterprise bicycle profit BBA bicycle profit is negative

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