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China Insurance Auto Safety Index in 2020 From SINOSURE

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On June 9, it was reported that China Insurance Research Institute held a press conference on China insurance automobile safety index in Beijing, and released the Research Report on c-iasi 2020 evaluation results. In the test and evaluation work in 2020, c-iasi has completed the test and release of 23 models, including 14 SUVs, 8 cars and mpv1 models; The sales volume coverage rate of the vehicle market reached 9.89%, covering the mainstream brands in the independent, German, American, Japanese and Korean markets.

Among them, 43.5% of them are self brand models. The test results of self brand models show that 100% of the passengers in the car and the pedestrians outside the car are good or above, showing a good performance.

Specifically, in terms of vehicle crashworthiness and maintainability, the false initiation rate of airbag in 2020 is 17%, which is 9% lower than 26% in 2019. However, compared with the initiation rate of 5% in major international automobile markets such as Europe and the United States, it still needs to be further improved.

In terms of passenger safety evaluation, the front airbag and side airbag configuration rate reached 100%, and the side curtain configuration rate reached 87%, 28 percentage points higher than that in 2019; The overall performance of pedestrian safety assessment is good, accounting for more than 90% for many years. The configuration rate of active hood has increased to 17% in 2020 year by year, which is 6 percentage points higher than that in 2019.

In addition, in terms of vehicle auxiliary safety, the standard configuration rate of vehicle automatic emergency braking system (AEB) has reached 39%, an increase of 13 percentage points year on year.

So far, c-iasi 2017 specification test vehicles have all been tested and released. In the next step, China Insurance Research Institute will carry out the work according to 2020 specification.

It is understood that in February this year, China Insurance Research Institute announced the 2020 version of test and evaluation procedures.

One of the main changes of passenger safety index in 2020 regulation is the new passenger side frontal 25% offset (also known as “right small offset”) collision, which is listed as an option, and the new rear female dummy monitoring. Frontal 25% offset impact on the passenger side is not included in the overall evaluation of the passenger in the vehicle.

At the same time, the occupant side frontal 25% offset impact evaluation is divided into three aspects: restraint system and dummy movement, dummy injury and vehicle structure.

In general, compared with 2017 version, 2020 version has improved in crashworthiness and maintenance economy index, passenger safety index, pedestrian safety index and vehicle auxiliary safety index.

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