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The following is the December 2020 market insight and price monthly report From China Automobile Circulation Association recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Automobile industry.

Recently, China Automobile Circulation Association and Guangzhou Wilson Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly released the “December 2020 market insight and price monthly report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), through the transaction price monitoring and analysis, to grasp the price trend of the automobile market and the price changes of key models, and provide an important basis for the formulation, adjustment and inspection of price strategy.

According to the “report” released, in the environment of overseas epidemic still spreading, China’s export performance is stronger, promoting the rapid recovery of macro-economy and strengthening consumer confidence. Driven by the booming sales at the end of the year and before the Spring Festival, retail sales in December and January next year are expected to continue to achieve the desired growth, while in February next year, under the ultra-low base comparison in February this year, the year-on-year growth is close to 500% Chinese luxury brands continue to bring more ideal growth contribution to the market.

China’s export continued to strengthen, promoting the rapid recovery of macro-economy, rising consumer confidence, obvious rebound in car purchase demand, and rapid recovery of car market. In order to further stimulate car purchase, terminal preference continued to export, and the price index continued to show a downward trend. In December 2020, the overall market price index was 95.5%, with a month on month decrease of 0.4%.

The price of main models in the joint venture market dropped, and the price index fell month on month

In order to further compete for the market, cars and SUV models of joint-venture brands are constantly exploring. On the one hand, joint-venture cars trade volume with price; on the other hand, joint-venture SUV “entry-level” model layout is constantly improving, stimulating stable growth in demand, and will continue to maintain stable growth in the near future.

The independent market share continued to pick up, and the price index fell month on month

Under the influence of the joint venture brands, the survival space of independent brands was oppressed infinitely, and the share of the first three quarters declined obviously. By the end of the third quarter, with the centralized launch of independent new cars, the independent brands began to exert their strength. On the one hand, they were supported by the success of Changan uni series and plus series, the strong replacement of great wall Haval H6, and the steady rise of Geely sales, on the other hand, they were supported by Hongguang mini and Euler With the help of black cat and other hot new energy models, the sales volume rose steadily; Hongqi and Weilai also ushered in higher growth with the promotion of consumption.

Luxury market competition is fierce, the key sprint at the end of the year

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and the luxury car market will continue to deliver ideal results. From the perspective of terminal sales performance, most of the luxury brand dealers have achieved the annual target, especially Mercedes Benz and BMW. In many distribution stores in mainstream cities, the passenger flow has gradually increased from the beginning of December to the second half of the month, and the consumer’s purchase enthusiasm is also extremely high, which is directly related to the traditional custom of buying new cars for the new year. At the same time, some policies introduced by various regions have also promoted the sales volume at the end of the year. For example, the “one person, one indicator” regulation issued in Beijing has promoted the transfer of indicators under the names of personnel with multiple license plates, and increased the opportunities for more people to buy new cars. In the new regulation of Shanghai traffic restriction, the management measures of elevated traffic restriction are adjusted, and the time limit of license plate outside Shanghai is expanded, which obviously promotes the sales of new energy vehicles, and the luxury new energy vehicles also reap a lot.

The most important point is that December is the critical moment for the end of the year for auto enterprises. All major manufacturers and dealers are carrying out marketing activities in full swing to achieve their goals. From the current situation, after releasing a large part of demand in the previous month, the auto market in January is expected to enter a period of adjustment.

From the production and marketing side, the impact of the epidemic on domestic industrial production has basically subsided, and sporadic situation has appeared in various places, but it does not affect the overall situation. The supply situation of major manufacturers improved in December, most of the models can meet the terminal demand, and some hot cars are still in short supply. The epidemic situation in foreign countries is still severe, and the supply of some models needs to be improved.

From the perspective of price trend, the discount rate of luxury market has decreased, mainly due to the fact that most dealers have achieved the annual sales target at the end of the year, the supply shortage of some models, the price recovery and the increase in the number of car buyers at the end of the year. From the perspective of price index, the overall market has slightly increased by 0.1%.

In addition, the discount rate of domestic luxury car market decreased in December, with a slight rise of 0.1% in terms of price index. However, there is still a shortage of cars in the imported car market, with the overall market price index rising by 0.2% month on month. China Automobile Circulation Association: market insight and price monthly report in August 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: market insight and price monthly report in July 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: in the first quarter of 2020, 57 new authorized 4S stores of luxury brands will be added and 41 online 4S stores will be returned. China Automobile Circulation Association: in March 2020, the sales volume of domestic narrow passenger car market will reach 1.045 million A year-on-year decrease of 40.4% China Automobile Circulation Association: monthly report of China’s imported automobile market in April 2020 China auto data & huge calculation: 2020 luxury car market insight (with download) huge engine: 2019 new energy vehicle market insight (with download) global market insight industry scale? Kaidu: insight into Asian fast moving consumer goods market in the fourth quarter of 2018 Kaidu: insight into Asian fast moving consumer goods market in Q2 of 2018 (with download) Colliers International: insight into China’s investment property market in 2018 (with download) iResearch: insight into China’s mother and child family car purchase market in 2018 (with download) Kaidu: insight into Asian fast moving consumer goods market in 2017 Yien: China’s online music market in 2015 Insight into iResearch: white paper on insight into China’s information short video market in 2020 (with download)

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