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February 2021 auto industry market pulse report From China Automobile Circulation Association

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With the impact of the long Spring Festival holiday in February and the external environment such as “Celebrating the new year in place” and “reducing aggregation” advocated by the state, the overall inventory coefficient of the whole industry has increased significantly compared with January, to 1.76. However, GP1 (the difference between the purchase and sales of bare cars) continued to rise to – 4.6%. With the joint efforts of manufacturers and businesses, and the steady development of economy, the phenomenon of price inversion of bare cars has entered a virtuous cycle. (due to the special impact of the epidemic in the same period of 2020, inventory and GP1 performance have no year-on-year value, for reference only.)

From the perspective of all regions in the country, the inventory pressure in southwest and northwest regions is relatively small, and the inventory in East China has reached 2.03, which is in the position of high inventory pressure, so we need to pay attention to the adjustment. In terms of GP1 performance, except for central and southwest China, GP1 in all regions has maintained a positive growth for three consecutive months. It is noteworthy that the inventory level of Southwest China is not at a high level nationwide, while the GP1 level remains at a low level nationwide. It is suggested to pay attention to the dynamic data of “market pulse”, allocate resources reasonably, and adjust the inventory structure and sales price appropriately.

Overall analysis of luxury car market

In February 2021, the luxury car market entered the traditional off-season period. The overall luxury car market showed an increase in inventory and a slight decrease in GP1. Although the inventory increased by nearly one point, the price of GP1 did not fluctuate greatly, and the overall performance of luxury cars was relatively stable.

By brand analysis, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Bentley are in the green light area. The GP1 performance of Red Flag brand is higher than the average of luxury brands, but the inventory of February is on the high side. The inventory optimization of Audi brand is better, but the GP1 is slightly lower, and both enter the yellow light area. Other luxury brands showed slight increase in GP1 this month, but their stocks were high and they were temporarily in the red light district.

In this month’s performance of luxury brands, except Bentley, the inventory coefficient rose across the board. The three luxury brands with the biggest GP1 improvement are Volvo, Cadillac and Jaguar Land Rover. With the new business policy in 2021, the luxury brands in red light district have continued to improve.

Overall analysis of joint venture vehicle market

In February 2021, the inventory coefficient of joint venture brands increased with the coming of off-season, but GP1 increased significantly compared with last month. The overall performance of non luxury joint venture brands has gradually come out of the trough.

From the specific brand point of view, Japanese brand manufacturers adhere to the “to sell for production” mode, dealer inventory and GP1 average are better than competitive products of the same level, SAIC Volkswagen brand has a good performance this month, GP1 and inventory exceed the industry average and enter the green light area.

Among the joint venture brands in the middle of this month, Nissan, SAIC Volkswagen and Buick became the top three in GP1 promotion, and the month on month inventory rose comprehensively.

Overall analysis of independent brand market

In the performance of February 2021, the inventory and GP1 indicators of independent brands have increased significantly. At present, independent brands have not formed an obvious brand echelon, the industry indicators are relatively stable, and the performance of each brand has a certain jump.

There is no red light district brand with high inventory and low GP1 for independent brands in this period, and the overall performance is good. Lingke, Mg, Great Wall wey and Chang’an passenger cars continue to be in the green light district, and the inventory pressure of Roewe, Pentium and Qichen brands is high.

In January 2021, the three brands with the best GP1 promotion are: Great Wall wey, Chery and GAC motor, and the inventory increases in an all-round way.

The above is the market pulse “sales, deposit and profit” performance of each mainstream brand in the three major market segments in February 2021. Maintaining long-term and stable returns of investors is the consistent mission of the brand Federation. Here, Secretary General song thanks the active participation of dealers. At the same time, the brand Federation will continue to further communicate with manufacturers in view of dealers’ voices and feedback, hoping to protect the interests of investors and dealers from specific measures, as well as the platform and platform of the association Mechanism can further promote the win-win situation of manufacturers. Read more: China Automobile Circulation Association: in the first quarter of 2020, 57 new authorized 4S stores of luxury brands will be added and 41 online 4S stores will be returned. China Automobile Circulation Association: monthly report of China’s imported automobile market in April 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: in March 2020, the sales volume of domestic narrow sense passenger car market will reach 1.045 million A year-on-year decrease of 40.4% China Automobile Circulation Association: automobile market insight and price monthly report in February 2021 Competitive performance China Automobile Circulation Association: pick up market analysis in February 2021 China Automobile Circulation Association: passenger car production capacity analysis in 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: world car sales of 78 million units in 2020, China’s share of 32% China Automobile Circulation Association: trend analysis of gain price index in December 2020 Analysis of sales trend and manufacturer competition of national automobile market in January 2021 China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of operation characteristics of passenger car market in January 2021 China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of operation characteristics of passenger car market in January 2021

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