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February 2021 auto market insight and price monthly report From China Automobile Circulation Association

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Recently, China Automobile Circulation Association and Guangzhou Wilson Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly released the “February 2021 market insight and price monthly report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), through the transaction price monitoring and analysis, to grasp the price trend of the automobile market and the price changes of key models, and provide an important basis for the formulation, adjustment and inspection of price strategy.

According to the released “report”, with the steady recovery of national economy, the recovery of automobile consumption demand will continue to accelerate in 2021. It is expected that in February 2021, compared with the ultra-low base in February last year, the growth rate will increase by 490% year on year, in which the contribution of joint venture brands to the growth rate is relatively large; however, under the influence of Spring Festival holidays, the seasonal decline is obvious, and the month on month decline is significant.

With the steady recovery of macro-economy, the rise of consumer confidence, the obvious recovery of car demand, the car market maintains a good recovery trend. After the rush sales before the Spring Festival in January 2021, the sales volume will drop significantly in February under the influence of the Spring Festival holiday, but the overall sales pressure is not big, the terminal discount is recovered slightly, and the price index basically fluctuates little. In February 2021, the overall market price index was 100.2%, maintaining the level of last month.

The price of main models in the joint venture market dropped and the price index rose slightly

In order to further compete for the market, the prices of joint-venture brands are constantly dropping. On the one hand, joint-venture cars trade in volume with price; on the other hand, the layout of joint-venture SUV “entry-level” models is constantly improving, and the segment market continues to maintain stable growth. Under the comparison of low base in the same period, the growth rate in the future will obviously rise.

Independent market share continued to pick up, and the price index was flat with January

Under the dividend of the rapid recovery of the overall market, the independent share continued to rise in January 2021, achieving an ideal growth of 30.6% year-on-year, mainly thanks to Wuling Hongguang Mini With the rapid growth of EV, Euler black cat and other pure electric mini cars, as well as the continuous efforts of Geely, great wall, Chery and other major manufacturers, in addition, Hongqi and Weilai also have ideal performance under the favorable situation of consumption upgrading. It is expected that the independent market is expected to maintain a rapid upward trend in the near future.

The competition in luxury market is fierce, and the demand in terminal market is still strong

In February 2021, all luxury brands set up new exhibition halls according to their business focus, and a variety of publicity activities were launched intensively, online and offline simultaneously. Due to the extremely hot performance of the luxury car market in January, there are still a lot of customer orders in February. Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other brands continue to maintain their pre festival marketing efforts during the holidays. They adopt various channels to attract customers to participate in online and offline activities, and continue to attract customers to pay attention to brand activities and favorite models, so as to pave the way for the sales work in February. From the point of view of in store passenger flow, after the holiday, the passenger flow of dealers began to gradually recover, and the stores with insufficient staff began to invite new and old customers and actively carry out test drive activities. On the whole, due to the long Spring Festival holiday, it has a certain impact on the sales of cars. The sales pressure in February is relatively high, but from the perspective of market demand, the terminal performance is still strong.

From the perspective of production and marketing, the impact of the epidemic on domestic industrial production is relatively weak. The pace of purchase and sale of major manufacturers accelerated in February, and supply began to recover gradually. Foreign countries are still affected by the epidemic, and the supply needs to be further improved.

From the perspective of price trend, the discount of luxury car market has decreased, and various brands have accumulated more customers in the early stage, resulting in strong market demand. At the same time, affected by the holidays, it continues to drive consumers’ enthusiasm to buy cars. In terms of price index, the overall luxury market rebounded by 0.4% on a month on month basis.

In addition, the discount rate of domestic luxury car market decreased in February, with a slight rise of 0.5% in terms of price index, while the sales discount level of imported cars was relatively stable, with the overall market price index declining by 0.1% month on month. Read more: China Automobile Circulation Association: September 2020 auto market insight and price monthly report China Automobile Circulation Association: in the first quarter of 2020, 57 new authorized 4S stores of luxury brands will be added and 41 online 4S stores will be returned to China Automobile Circulation Association: April 2020 China imported automobile market monthly report China automobile Circulation Association: in March 2020, the sales volume of domestic narrow sense passenger car market will reach 1.045 million The year-on-year decrease was 40.4% China Automobile Circulation Association: October 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: February 2021 second hand car market brief analysis of China Automobile Circulation Association: February 2021 China automobile preservation rate report China Automobile Circulation Association: February 2021 retail sales ranking of various brands Competitive performance of potential and manufacturers China Automobile Circulation Association: pick up market analysis in February 2021 China Automobile Circulation Association: inventory early warning index of automobile dealers in February 2021 is 52.2% China Automobile Circulation Association: trend analysis of gain price index in December 2020 Analysis on sales trend and competition among manufacturers of national automobile market in January 2021 China Automobile Circulation Association: Analysis on operation characteristics of passenger car market in January 2021

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