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In the domestic medium-sized car market, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Volkswagen Passat have been the “Three Musketeers” of domestic B-class cars. But last year, due to Volkswagen Passat’s tragic “rollover” in the China Insurance Research Institute, Passat’s sales also showed a slump. Nowadays, Passat is “trading for quantity at price” in the terminal market. However, compared with accord and Camry, Volkswagen Passat has already dropped out of the first tier. This year’s cumulative sales volume is far away from Honda Accord.

It is worth mentioning that Passat’s “broken feet and sinking sand” has made the public leap forward. At present, maiteng has ranked the third in the domestic sales list of medium-sized cars.

Recently, the sales data of various domestic car companies in November have also been released.

According to the statistics, Honda Accord has been the top selling car in November and the cumulative sales in the first November of this year. In November, the sales volume reached 24162 vehicles, with a cumulative sales volume of 191221, far surpassing the domestic counterparts.

Toyota Camry ranked second, with 19003 units sold in November and 167487 units in total. Although there is a gap of more than 20000 units between Camry and Honda Accord, the terminal price of Camry is more firm, and there is some gap in Honda Accord.

Although Volkswagen Passat has made almost “No.1 in the same class” after the “re war” in China’s Insurance Research Institute, once the reputation for safety collapses, the reconstruction will not be completed in a short time.

Nowadays, consumers still have a great degree of distrust of Passat’s safety. Therefore, a considerable number of Passat’s customers went to FAW Volkswagen’s 4S store next door and took away maiteng.

In November, the company sold 23204 units, and this year’s cumulative sales volume has reached 146584, slightly better than BMW’s 3-series, ranking third in the list.

It is worth noting that Volkswagen Passat, once the “leader” in the domestic intermediate car market, sold 10906 cars in November and 114873 vehicles this year, ranking eighth in the ranking list.

Surprisingly, the domestic Tesla Model 3 is so competitive today. It sold 21604 units in November, which is the first time this year to break the 20000 vehicle mark in a single month. So far, it has sold 111645 units, ranking ninth only to Volkswagen Passat.

The hot sales of Tesla Model 3 in China also reflects that the pace of replacing fuel vehicles with electric vehicles in China has been further accelerated. In the future, with the further improvement of charging facilities, electric vehicles in China will show a better market prospect.

China Automobile Circulation Association: in March 2020, domestic narrow passenger car market sales reached 1.045 million, down 40.4% year on year. China Automobile Circulation Association: April 2020 China import automobile market monthly report China Automobile Circulation Association: 57 luxury brand authorized 4S stores in the first quarter of 2020 41 4S stores to be withdrawn from the Internet January 2020 Beijing auto market analysis Ministry of Commerce: from January to may 2020, China’s automobile exports are 373000. It is estimated that the sales volume of Q4 Tesla in China will soar in 2020. China Automobile Industry Association: it is estimated that the sales volume of China’s automobiles will reach 25 million in 2020, and the world’s top ten most valuable automobile manufacturers The market value of electric vehicle companies accounts for 50% of the market value How much money does Lexus make in 2019? In July 2020, the global sales of Japanese Series cars decreased by 12.2% year on year. Consumer report: Tesla Model 3 was selected as the most satisfactory car

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