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In 2021, UK car turnover decreased by 1.8 billion on a year-on-year basis From SMMT

The following is the In 2021, UK car turnover decreased by 1.8 billion on a year-on-year basis From SMMT recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Automobile industry.

According to the data released by the association of British automobile manufacturers and traders (SMMT), the UK new car market has achieved “growth” for the first time since August 2020. The number of new cars registered in March increased by 29280 compared with the same period last year.

Compared with the average sales volume of 450189 vehicles in March 2010-2019, the number of registered vehicles decreased by 36.9% to 283964 vehicles in March. So far, compared with January to March last year, the number of car registrations in the first quarter of 2021 has decreased by 58032, which is equivalent to a loss of 1.8 billion pounds in turnover in the first quarter.

To bring the industry back to pre pandemic levels, about 8300 new cars need to be registered each trading day for the rest of the year. In contrast, in the past decade, the automobile industry registered an average of about 7400 vehicles a day, and the current level is close to 5600 vehicles a day.

“Online shopping, offline delivery” provides a lifeline for the industry. However, it can not provide consumers with the same experience and stimulation as the exhibition hall environment. As dealers reopen, customers can expect to safely select and configure new cars from a wide range of existing options. In fact, UK car dealers have lost 22.2 billion pounds since March 2020.

Although the overall number of registrations increased slightly compared with last year, the increase was almost entirely due to the fleet, with an increase of 28.7%. Retail consumer demand remains sluggish, down 4.1% from March 2020.

The demand for plug-in vehicles has reached the highest level ever, and the transformation to new technology continues. The combined market share of battery electric vehicles (BEVS) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) was 13.9%, up from 7.3% last year. The number of models available to customers has increased from 72 to 116. The number of electric vehicles registered increased by 88.2% to 22003, while the number of PHEVs registered increased by 152.2% to 17330. Hybrid electric vehicles also rose 42% to 21599.

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