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In January, the sales volume increased by 352.1% year on year, and 7225 vehicles were delivered, reaching a record high From Weilai is a website that focuses on future technologies, markets and user trends. We are responsible for collecting the latest research data, authority data, industry research and analysis reports. We are committed to becoming a data and report sharing platform for professionals and decision makers. We look forward to working with you to record the development trends of today’s economy, technology, industrial chain and business model.Welcome to follow, comment and bookmark us, and hope to share the future with you, and look forward to your success with our help.

The following is the In January, the sales volume increased by 352.1% year on year, and 7225 vehicles were delivered, reaching a record high From Weilai recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Enterprise financial report, New energy vehicle industry, Smart car, Automobile industry.

On February 1, 2021, Weilai just released the delivery data of January 2021. The following are the key points:

1. In January 2021, Weilai delivered 7225 sets, a year-on-year increase of 352.1%, reaching a new high for six consecutive months;

2. 1660 sets of new Wellcome es8 and 2720 sets of Wellcome ES6 were delivered;

3. Weilai ec6 delivered 2845 units, reached a new high, and continued to lead the high-end sedan SUV market;

4. In 2021, Weilai will continue to invest in products and technologies, and accelerate the construction of service network, so as to bring you a better experience in using intelligent electric vehicles;

5. In January this year, Weilai released the intelligent electric flagship car et7 with automatic driving ability and 150 degree battery pack, pushing NiO OS 2.9.0;

6. At the same time, 7 new power stations will be built in Weilai in January, and another 12 will be built before the Spring Festival

Weilai: 3q19 financial report teleconference record Li Bin said he was not worried about the competition of Tesla Model 3 domestic version Weilai: sales volume reached a new high in June 2020, 2q20 delivered more than 10000 units Weilai: delivery volume reached a historical record in November 2020, doubled year-on-year for 8 consecutive months Weilai: 3q20 revenue reached 4.526 billion yuan, exceeding expectation Weilai: 3q20 financial report gross profit margin 14.5%, Q4 delivered 5600 yuan+ Second generation platform NT2 is absolutely ahead of Li Bin very confident Weilai: 2q20 call minutes predict that Q3 will deliver 11000 units, reduce the threshold of renting battery mode Weilai: 3q20 financial report call minutes will be released car Weilai: 1q20 total revenue 1.372 billion, deliver 3838 new cars Weilai: deliver 3965 units in August 2020, double year-on-year, create a new high Weilai: deliver 7000 units in December 2020 Annual cumulative delivery of 43728 units Weilai: 2q20 revenue of 3.72 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 146.5% Weilai: delivery of the first 5000 units in October 2020 Xiaopeng: 3q20 revenue of 1.99 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 342.5% Xiaopeng: delivery of 4224 units in November 2020, a record high. Bloomberg: it is expected that the price of electric vehicles will be lower than that of fuel vehicles in 2030

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