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In March 2021, China’s top ten auto complaints list was dominated by Germany and Japan From Vehicle quality network

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At present, with the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic automobile market, consumers not only have more choices to buy cars, but also have more positive awareness of rights protection. At the same time, affected by March 15 last month, the number of domestic car complaints increased significantly month on month. A few days ago, the website of automobile quality released the statistical ranking and analysis report of complaints about domestic automobile market and models in March.

In March, the website accepted 7917 valid complaints from car owners (including complaints from some platforms), up 58.2% on a month on month basis and down 3.9% on a year-on-year basis.

According to the data, in March, the effective complaint information received by the website involved 675 models, including 122 models with more than double-digit complaints. The top 30 vehicle series (models) with complaints in March 2021 are as follows:

To the surprise of many friends, the top ten of the complaint list are all owned by Japanese and German models. What’s more exaggerated is that FAW Volkswagen occupies five seats, followed by Honda with three seats and Toyota with two seats.

It can be said that the top 10 of the complaint list is already the world of joint venture brands. Although many netizens often tease, domestic cars have many small problems. But in the top ten of the complaints list, there is no domestic car.

It is worth noting that FAW-VW tanyue became the “king of complaints” model in March. The typical complaints were exhaust failure and increased fuel consumption. However, the problem of engine oil increase of Camry has broken out again, and the problem of engine oil “increase and weakening” during last winter has not been effectively solved, so it is expected that it will break out again.

As for other Volkswagen models, the complaints mainly focus on the abnormal noise of transmission and engine, which is also one of the disadvantages of Volkswagen’s large-scale use of dry dual clutch transmission.

In addition, the domestic Tesla Model y was included in the list for the first time this month, and the number of complaints rose more than 9 times on a month on month basis. The “body resonance” problem involved in it has formed a common complaint trend.

Some car owners reported that Tesla Model y had low-frequency noise during driving, and members of the car had obvious ear pressure and tinnitus, which seriously affected driving safety.

In other aspects, in March, the number of complaints from joint ventures, independent brands and imported brands all increased on a month on month basis, among which the joint venture brands had the highest increase, up 65.6% compared with February, and the proportion of complaints increased by 2.4 percentage points. In addition, the number of complaints about imported brands has reached a new high in the past year, and most of the incremental complaints come from Tesla Model y.

In March, the quality complaints received by the network of vehicle quality are still the “three parts of the world” situation of body accessories and electrical appliances, engine and gearbox. Among them, the gearbox problems are more prominent, and the number of complaints about faults is the highest in recent two years, accounting for 1.4 percentage points.

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