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Recently, the China Automobile Circulation Association (CAAC) has jointly released the “2020 female car users’ insight report”. Taking female users as the main research object, this paper analyzes the behavior of female automobile users from four aspects of market potential, user portrait, car purchase behavior and consumption trend, so as to explore the consumption psychology and consumption demand of female users during the period of automobile purchase and purchase Reading the consumption change of automobile market provides data reference for the whole automobile industry to explore new marketing methods.

The report points out that with the rise of “her economy”, the potential of female users’ automobile consumption needs to be released urgently. The number of high intention car buyers has increased significantly. High quality automobile related content and word-of-mouth have become one of the focuses of women’s auxiliary decision-making. Female users are more vulnerable to factors such as car sales ranking.

Female car users have potential to buy cars, and the growth rate of young women is obvious

At present, the level of women’s access to higher education continues to improve. Since 2016, the proportion of women receiving higher education in China has exceeded 50%, and has increased year by year. At the same time, 75% of the total household consumption is decided by women, and women occupy a dominant position in household consumption. With the improvement of women’s higher education level, the continuous improvement of social and economic status, and the increasing consumer demand, women are gradually becoming the main force of China’s consumer market, “her economy” is rising.

According to the latest data of car understanding, female car users will grow by 64% from February to October 2020. It is worth mentioning that female users grow fastest in first tier cities, while male users grow fastest in new first tier cities. It can be seen that female consumers are not the traditional crowd in the past, and the old image label is no longer applicable. The automobile products and automobile consumption that used to be the “use patent” of male users have also performed well in the female user market.

At this stage, young female users contribute their consumption potential in different scenarios, as well as in the automotive industry. According to the gender age distribution survey data in the report, from January to October 2020, in terms of the age composition of the overall female car users, young female users after 90 and 95 account for more than 50%, and the growth rate is the highest; the amount of money retained by automobile users continues to increase, with the growth rate of female users reaching 1.7 times, slightly higher than that of men. It is worth noting that in all age groups, the rate of increase in the amount of funds retained by the post-90s is the most significant. This shows that young female car users are becoming the main consumer groups in the future automobile industry.

Video content is the main form of information acquisition, and female users prefer deep social interaction

With the continuous development of the electricity supplier and social network, tiktok and other short videos, pictures and texts are also emerging. People’s consumption outlook is changing. Especially in recent two years, social networking and social consumption have developed rapidly. Apart from the traditional e-commerce platform, the contents of platform like shaking, B, WeChat tiktok and so on are guiding consumers to grow grass, thus buying behavior. Users in the automotive industry are also deeply affected by the content of emerging channels. According to the latest data released by the company, video content is the mainstream content acquisition form for female automobile users, followed by pictures and texts. From January to October in 2020, the most prominent growth in the number of watching and broadcasting of car live content is 2.1 times. Shopping guide, evaluation and new car are the top 3 areas of women’s attention.

At the content interaction level, female car users also show strong characteristics of deep social attributes. According to the data of the company, the overall trend of the amount of interaction among automobile users has achieved a rapid growth, with the increase of 1.27 times for men and nearly twice for women. From the perspective of deep social interaction, women prefer to participate in the interaction by forwarding and commenting, while men prefer to participate in the interaction in the form of like. In addition, according to the statistics of automobile users’ reading time, 20-22 o’clock a day is a high-frequency period for automobile users to read, and female users prefer to browse automobile content in the afternoon. This is closely related to the habit of female users’ daily online shopping and accepting online content, which also provides a new idea for brand marketing of automobile industry.

Female car users pay more attention to word-of-mouth and ranking list, and their decision-making on capital retention is more easily affected by the content

At present, the continuous upgrading of brand content marketing has a corresponding impact on women’s car consumption behavior. According to the report, from the perspective of the growth rate of users’ retention of funds at different entrances, men prefer to keep money directly on the vehicle model page because of their clearer goals and richer car purchase experience, while women are more concerned about information acquisition and prefer to browse professional automobile content to assist decision-making.

Especially in the model page interface, different gender users have different emphasis on vehicle selection function. In addition to the basic parameter configuration factors that car users pay most attention to, women pay more attention to word-of-mouth, while men pay more attention to the transaction price of car owners. In the purchase decision-making time, women’s decision-making time is generally lower than men’s. On the one hand, women are relatively less interested in professional car configuration parameters, and they are more inclined to browse sales rankings and other factors for decision-making; on the other hand, women and young users have stronger “emotional” impulsive consumption attribute, and pay more attention to appearance, brand, price and other factors.

In terms of specific models, civic, Haval H6, Xuanyi and other models are sought after by female car buyers. At the same time, Carola, which has more practical family attributes, and Wuling Hongguang mini, which has a delicate appearance and a high cost performance ratio, are also the models they focus on when choosing a car.

It can be predicted that the proportion of female automobile users, especially young female automobile users, will continue to increase in the future. This also provides data support for automobile enterprises to actively explore women’s unique personalized consumption decision-making factors and to launch truly customized products and marketing services. By providing professional information for the automotive industry, the report helps the industry understand the needs of female users’ car purchasing behavior, and helps related industries achieve business growth. Read more: know the car emperor & China Automobile Circulation Association: Research on the purchase intention of users after the epidemic situation China Automobile Circulation Association & understand car Emperor: insight report of Chinese automobile consumers in 2019 (attached download) China Automobile Circulation Association & understanding car Emperor: insight of automobile users in sinking market China automobile circulation Association: April 2020 China import automobile market monthly report China Automobile Circulation Association: March 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: in the first quarter of 2020, there are 57 authorized 4S stores for luxury brands 41 4S stores back from the Internet: insight report on China’s auto market and users in the first half of 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: luxury car market report in the first half of 2020

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