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Inventory of smart travel trends From China’s automobile ecological evolution

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The latest research results of Roland Berger’s 10th issue of subversive data detection in the automotive industry show that in 2021, China will continue to lead the world’s most innovative, dynamic and subversive automotive market. Focusing on the Chinese market, new energy vehicles continued to penetrate faster than expected, driving the leapfrog development of multi integrated energy supplement network; Cross border integration between local travel service providers and ecological partners, and continue to explore the implementation of scenario based ecological cooperation; In addition, under the effective epidemic prevention and control, great progress has been made in residents’ long-distance travel, the Trinity three-dimensional transportation system of the city and the intelligent construction of the transportation system. Based on this, Roland Berger automotive industry center combed five trends in the field of smart travel and shared the latest progress in the evolution of China’s automotive ecology.

In 2021, China’s electric vehicle market made another significant breakthrough, and the penetration rate of new energy passenger vehicles is expected to exceed 15%. The negative impact of the epidemic is gradually alleviated, and the policy support and coverage for the construction and operation of energy supplement infrastructure are expanding. In 2021, there will be more than 1 million public charging piles in China, and the proportion of high-power DC fast charging piles will exceed 40%, which will continue to lead the global development and further effectively improve the guarantee capacity of energy supplement infrastructure services. In the future, the development trends such as the proportion of products that can support the replacement of trams, the integrated energy management service scheme for optical storage and charging, the application of new technologies for orderly charging, vehicle network interaction (V2G, distributed energy storage) and the intelligent integration platform relying on “Internet +” are relatively clear, and the multi integrated energy supplement system of “vehicle pile station human cloud” will also be gradually formed.

China is one of the most innovative and subversive major automobile markets in the world. Chinese consumers are far more interested in autonomous driving and mobile travel, development expectations and confidence in safe operation than European and American consumers; In contrast, Chinese consumers have the most positive cognition of this, and are more active in participating in various test experiences and tasting fresh foods. Throughout 2021, leading mobile travel service providers have polished their application scenarios and promoted the “scenario based ecological cooperation” to become more and more mature: with the help of ecological partners (such as host factories, logistics and distribution enterprises, catering and new retail enterprises, etc.), they will take the lead in realizing the commercialization in the scenario and jointly explore sustainable business / profit models. Ecological partners will make use of their deep accumulation and business model practice in the mobile Internet, Enable automobile ecological services. At the same time, the epidemic control has promoted the operation and landing speed of some services in closed scenarios in the Chinese market, such as unmanned distribution, mobile meals and mobile retail.

Benefiting from effective epidemic prevention and control, China has become one of the first regions to resume normal social operation. Compared with Europe and the United States and other regions greatly affected by the epidemic, the long-distance travel demand of Chinese residents is the least affected, but the acceptable longest travel distance (including domestic and outbound) is still nearly 20% shorter than that before the epidemic. After the epidemic, the preference of Chinese residents for traveling by passenger car has increased, while the preference for aircraft has decreased, but the overall preference difference has little change compared with residents in Europe, America and other places. National and local prevention and control policies, travel control of affiliated units, the rise of online communication, environmental considerations and budget restrictions have become the main influencing factors restricting official and private travel.

With the development of new energy, vertical take-off and landing, driverless and other technical fields, the development breakthrough of China’s urban three-dimensional transportation system will focus on the application scenarios of “carrying” and “carrying people”, enable industries such as logistics and transportation, medical aid and modern agriculture, and help traditional industries to transform and upgrade to high-end and intelligent. The improvement of regulatory policies, technological innovation and business model innovation will be the three core influencing factors to promote China’s urban three-dimensional transportation from concept pilot to large-scale implementation. At present, China’s urban three-dimensional transportation is still in its infancy. Thanks to the development of China’s express logistics and takeout industry, the “load” scenario committed to solving the urban end distribution needs of Chinese residents takes the lead in making a breakthrough, providing enterprises with a more efficient and reliable logistics operation mode. For the “manned” application scenario, its convenient and efficient advantages will be beneficial to alleviate the traffic congestion of large cities in the process of China’s urbanization. The “three in one” system of underground and underground transportation will be formed to complement the “three in one” system of underground and underground transportation in the future.

As the first year of the 14th five year plan, 2021 has responded to the call of the government and policies in many places, intensively released the smart city strategy, continued to promote the continuous development of smart transportation system, cloud platform and computing, continuously improved the evaluation indicators of smart city, continuously improved the service level of smart city and continuously enhanced the vehicle road coordination ability. At present, the construction of China’s smart city transportation system mainly focuses on the first and second tier cities. In the future, it will gradually go down to small and medium-sized cities to improve urban innovation and competitiveness. Driven by the construction of smart city transportation system, Chinese residents will minimize “commuting time”, and the government’s fine regulation and precise control of urban transportation will be further improved, so that the four components of people, vehicles, roads and environment can operate together.

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