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According to trendforce, since 2018, the auto market has been gradually weakening, coupled with the severe impact of the epidemic situation in 2020, which makes the main module manufacturers’ stock energy obviously insufficient. However, the global automobile market is recovering in 2021, and it is estimated that the total vehicle sales will rise to 8% from 77 million last year, At the same time, with the development of automation, intelligence and electrification, the consumption of various semiconductor components will rise sharply. However, due to the weak demand in the automobile market, the stock volume of automobile manufacturers is low, and the phenomenon of short and long materials has seriously affected the growth rate of automobile manufacturers and the terminal vehicle shipment.

Recently, the shortage of IC supply chain has gradually spread from consumer & ICT to industrial & automotive market. In the past, the automotive semiconductor market was mainly made of IDM or Fab Lite, such as NXP, Infineon, STMicro, Renesas, on semiconductor, Broadcom, Ti, etc. As automotive IC generally needs high temperature and high pressure operating environment and long product life cycle, it needs high requirements for product reliability and long-term supply, so it is not easy to switch production line and supply chain.

Global wafer foundry capacity is full, and automotive semiconductors are in short supply

However, in the case of global wafer foundry capacity shortage, automotive semiconductors are significantly affected by capacity crowding, such as 12 inch automotive MCU and CIS; 8 inch automotive MEMS, discrete, PMIC and DDI. According to trendforce, the production lines at 28nm, 45nm and 65nm of 12 inch plants are the most in short supply at present; meanwhile, the nodes above 0.18um of 8 inch plants are also squeezed by capacity.

With the high capital expenditure, R & D amortization and operating costs of self-supporting fabs, IDM automotive semiconductor suppliers have also expanded the outsourcing of fabs to TSMC, global foundries, UMC, Samsung, vis and win semiconductor in recent years. Among them, TSMC said in the fourth quarter of 2020 that it would make it clear that automotive semiconductors bottomed out in the third quarter of last year, started to pursue orders in the fourth quarter, and considered converting logic production capacity to special IC foundry to support long-term cooperative end customers. More reading: trendforce: it is estimated that the global market size of remote-controlled surgical robot will reach US $9.3 billion in 2021. Trendforce: it is estimated that the global mobile payment market will reach US $620 billion in 2016. Trendforce: it is estimated that the global TV shipment will reach 223 million in 2021. Super large size TV will be the new favorite of finished products. Trendforce: Global smartphone ranking forecast in 2021 Huawei will fall to the seventh trendforce: it is estimated that the global wafer OEM output value will reach US $84.6 billion in 2020, with an annual growth of 23.7% trendforce: the top ten IC design companies in the world in the third quarter of 2020 Flash is still in oversupply, with an estimated quarterly decline of about 10-15%. Trendforce: in 2021, the global automotive chip output value will reach US $21 billion. Trendforce: it is estimated that the global wafer foundry revenue will increase by 23.8% year on year in 2020 Trend force: the average penetration rate of global DDR4 memory industry will reach 90% in Q3 in 2020. Trend force: it is estimated that Huawei’s limited wafer OEM capacity will be in short supply in 2021, and its market share will drop to 4%. Trend force: in the third quarter of 2020, the global DRAM output value will reach US $17.46 billion, and the total output value will increase by only 2% in the quarter, Annual growth of 23.1% for 5.5 million units trendforce: in the third quarter of 2020, the revenue of the world’s top ten packaging and testing companies will exceed US $6.7 billion

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