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It is said that in January 2021, Passat’s sales volume was only 1838 vehicles, ranking down 63

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In recent one or two years, Passat has been responsible for the most ups and downs in the domestic B-class car market. After the Baoyan crash test in mid December 2019, the sales volume has been ups and downs. Recently, according to a number of media reports, in January 2021, Passat’s sales volume was only 1838, ranking 86th in the car list, down 63 places from the previous.

You know, just 13 months ago, Passat was a major model that could easily sell 20000 cars a month in the B-class car market. Only a year later, its monthly sales fell to a fraction, which is unbelievable.

Many people doubt the authenticity of this data. After all, judging from the sales trend of Passat, although the 25% offset collision of China Insurance Research Group achieved the worst result, its monthly sales basically maintained at more than 10000 vehicles, and after SAIC Volkswagen applied for retest, Passat’s sales still increased slightly.

Some analysts believe that Passat’s sales volume in January was only 1838 vehicles, which is based on the volume of goods wholesale by manufacturers to dealers, rather than the terminal sales volume of dealers.

Although it is not credible that Passat sells less than 2000 vehicles a month, it is an indisputable fact that its sales have declined. According to the data released by the media, the number of Passat insured vehicles in January was 16169, which is obviously more in line with the actual performance than 1838.

There are many opinions about the roller coaster fluctuation of Passat sales. Some analysts believe that it is related to the collision storm of China Insurance Research Institute. Although it has achieved good results after the retest, its reputation has been greatly reduced.

Some analysts also believe that it is related to Passat’s mid-term model modification and the global “lack of core”, because Volkswagen officials said earlier that the production plans of its factories in China, North America and Europe need to be adjusted because of the shortage of chips.

Interestingly, if we look at the sales of Passat and maiteng in the past six months, we will find that the sales curve of Passat and maiteng is like the relationship between entity and mirror. This makes people have to doubt whether the group of people who were obsessed with Passat in the past two years turned to buy maiteng.

Of course, market speculation is only market speculation after all, and the specific reason may only be known by SAIC Volkswagen.

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