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January 2021 auto market pulse report From Kaida Research Institute

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“Market pulse”, as a barometer of the “sales, inventory and profit” situation of automobile dealers, has been actively responded and participated by the dealers. As a part of the market early warning mechanism, the brand dealers association of China Automobile Circulation Association always pays attention to the dynamic situation of key indicators of the industry, and shares the research results with the colleagues timely and accurately, hoping to take this as a reference The majority of dealers, manufacturers to provide effective reference and benchmarking basis.

As of January 31, 2021, “market pulse” has been completed as scheduled with the active participation of 1131 dealers in 166 cities of 47 investment groups of 40 mainstream brands. The following is Mr. Song Tao, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Circulation Association and Secretary General of the brand association, on the highlights of the report:

At the beginning of the new year, everything looks new. With the steady growth of domestic economy, auto dealers will enter a new starting point in 2021. In January 2021, the overall inventory coefficient of the whole industry was 1.02, which was slightly lower than that of the same period last year, but the GP1 average value increased year-on-year, reaching – 5.7%. With the stable development of the domestic market environment and the shortage of imported vehicles and spare parts, the phenomenon of price inversion of bare cars has decreased.

From the perspective of all regions in the country, except for the GP1 in Central China, Southwest China and Northwest China, the GP1 in other regions continued to rise. The inventory situation rose slightly after the sprint adjustment in December, accumulating resources for the new year and being in the market situation of continuous recovery. However, it is still suggested that dealers in Central China and southwest China should analyze the market pulse in real time, and the price should be recovered as soon as possible when the inventory in Central China continues to decline, while Southwest China should pay attention to the price risk brought by the continuous increase of inventory to avoid the vicious circle of operation.

Overall analysis of luxury car market

In January 2021, the GP1 of the luxury car market increased steadily on a month on month basis, with an increase of 6 percentage points compared with the same period last year. Due to the uncertainty of the current overseas business environment, the supply of luxury imported vehicles and parts is in short supply from time to time. The special situation in the special period has a certain impact on the continuous reduction of luxury garage inventory and the sharp rise of GP1.

By brand analysis, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche are in the green light. Although Audi brand has improved significantly in the first month of 2021 compared with last month, its GP1 still does not exceed the luxury average. Bentley brand continues to maintain a good naked car profit, because its brand sales, inventory absolute number is less, inventory coefficient continues to be higher than the average of luxury brands.

In this month’s performance of luxury brands, the three brands with the largest increase in GP1 are Audi, BMW and Bentley; the three brands with the largest decrease in inventory coefficient are Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. With the end of the excellent performance of various luxury brands in 2020, the first month of 2021 will be the first time for the top brands.

Overall analysis of joint venture vehicle market

In the first month of 2021, the inventory and GP1 of joint venture brands have improved compared with the same period of last year. Although the month on month inventory slightly increased in January, it is still in a relatively good position for the joint venture brand in the past year.

From the specific brand point of view, because of the Japanese brand manufacturers adhering to the “sales for production” mode, the average value of dealer inventory and GP1 are better than competitive products of the same level, and the new generation Jetta brand continues to maintain good naked car profits.

Among the joint venture brands in the middle of this month, Skoda, Chevrolet and Beijing Hyundai became the top 3 for GP1 promotion; Changan Mazda, Jetta and GAC Toyota became the top 3 for inventory optimization this month.

Overall analysis of independent brand market

In the performance of January 2021, the independent brand is the only brand with higher chain inventory, with the overall inventory reaching 1.68, but the GP1 average still keeps a steady rise, which has changed a lot compared with the same period last year.

Among the independent brands, Lingke, Chang’an, Hongqi, Mg, Qichen GP1 and inventory coefficient are better than those of the same level competitive products. Located in the green light area, Rongwei, Pentium and Chery’s inventory coefficient this month are all higher than the average value of the brand line, and Chery’s GP1 still has a large room for improvement.

In January 2021, the three brands with the best GP1 promotion are haver, linker and Qichen; the three brands with the most significant inventory optimization are linker, Geely and Chang’an.

The above is the market pulse “sales, deposit and profit” performance of each mainstream brand in the three major market segments in January 2021. Maintaining long-term and stable returns of investors is the consistent mission of the brand Federation. Here, Secretary General song thanks the active participation of dealers. At the same time, the brand Federation will continue to further communicate with manufacturers in view of dealers’ voices and feedback, hoping to protect the interests of investors and dealers from specific measures, as well as the platform and platform of the association Mechanism can further promote the win-win situation of manufacturers.

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