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Monthly report on the operation of automobile visible market From China Automobile Circulation Association

The following is the Monthly report on the operation of automobile visible market From China Automobile Circulation Association recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Automobile industry.

National key sampling automobile tangible markets (parks): Tianjin Binhai International Automobile City, Zhejiang century automobile market, Qiandongnan Automobile Industry Federation (Guizhou Kaili Jingwei Automobile City), Qingdao Free Trade Zone International Automobile City, Zhuzhou hi tech automobile park, Wenzhou Litian Group Co., Ltd. (automobile dream workshop), Chongqing Auto Expo Center, Guangxi Fengchi used motor vehicle trading market Shandong Ginza Auto Park, Zunyi Jiahui Auto Plaza, Jiangsu Taicang Senmao Auto City, Beijing Beichen Asian Games Village auto market, Hunan Dazhong auto world, Yunnan World Expo Auto City · Economic Development Zone International Auto City, Zhengzhou International Auto Park, Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta auto culture city, Shenzhen Shenye Auto City, Kunming Auto World Auto market, Shanxi Huizhong auto home, Chongqing Chisheng Auto City (Xiexin auto time Park), Wuhan Zhuyeshan Zhonghuan business city (Zhuyeshan auto market), Chengdu western Auto City, Wuhan Donghu famous car Plaza, Qianjiang Tianchi auto market, Harbin Hongda International Auto City, Changsha Lugu auto world, Henan Weijia Auto Group (Auto Park), Beijing Wufang Tianya Internet plus auto product market, Zhenghua Auto Industry Co., Ltd Energy automobile group (Auto Park), Chongqing Xiexin Auto Park, Shandong Huatong used car market, Taiyuan used motor vehicle trading center, Beijing Jingang Auto Park Wenzhou Auto City, Leshan tianniu Auto Group (Auto Park); Hunan Honggao second hand car market, Chengdu Hongmeng second hand car market, Guangxi Wuzhou Haoye second hand car market, Jiangxi International Auto Plaza, Chongqing Guotai Xinqi Bocheng, Huayu mainland second hand car sales, Altay Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. used motor vehicle trading center, Lianyungang Zhenxing Auto City A sample survey was conducted on the operation of 58 automobile tangible markets (parks) including the automobile industry Co., Ltd. (ranking in any order)

Of the 58 tangible markets:

There are 822 4S shops, 973 secondary dealers, 2144 used car dealers and 1135 maintenance shops (including 4S shops).

The average daily passenger flow of each market (Park) was 3614, an increase of 43% over the previous month (2526);

The average monthly sales volume of new cars in each market (Park) was 1873, an increase of 54% over the previous month (1210);

The average monthly used car sales volume of each market (Park) was 5117, 5% higher than that of last month (4839);

The average monthly maintenance volume of each market (Park) (including 4S stores) was 3299 vehicles, an increase of 8% over the previous month (3054 vehicles).

China Automobile Circulation Association: April 2020 China import automobile market monthly report China Automobile Circulation Association: March 2020 domestic narrow sense passenger car market sales reached 1.045 million, a year-on-year decrease of 40.4% China Automobile Circulation Association: in the first quarter of 2020, 57 new authorized 4S stores of luxury brands will be added China Automobile Circulation Association: inventory early warning index of China automobile dealers in August 2020 is 52.8%. China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of used car market in October 2020. China Automobile Circulation Association: product competitiveness index of passenger car market in October 2020 is 91.0. China Automobile Circulation Association: from January to June 2020 Analysis of Shanghai second hand car trade data in October 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: China automobile preservation rate in October 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: in depth analysis of second hand car market in November 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: in depth analysis of used car market in October 2020

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