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Tesla, the most popular car brand, once again topped the list From Consumer Reports

The following is the Tesla, the most popular car brand, once again topped the list From Consumer Reports recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Automobile industry.

Which car brand is the most popular? This may be a very subjective question, but consumer reports hopes to give a more objective answer through the latest car owner satisfaction survey report. According to the survey results, Tesla stands out again, and Infiniti is at the bottom of the list.

First of all, let’s introduce how consumer reports come to this conclusion. The media launched a questionnaire survey on 369000 car owners of various car brands on the market, and then obtained data from the collected car owner satisfaction survey.

The most important question for car owners is: “if they have the opportunity, will they buy their own car again?” Consumer reports will further rank in terms of driving experience, comfort, value preservation, on-board electronic devices and cockpit storage.

The picture comes from the consumer report

Tesla topped the list with 88 out of 100, but Lincoln came in second with 79. Ram and Chrysler both ranked third with 76 points, Subaru and Hyundai tied for fourth with 75 points, and Porsche ranked fifth with 74 points.

Naturally, some car brands are not satisfactory, with Cadillac and Infiniti at the bottom with 59 and 48 points respectively. Although the evaluation of some models is good, the overall satisfaction of these two brands is very low.

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