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Tesla’s market value has increased by more than $500 billion in 2020, and despite the small number of cars sold, Tesla’s market value now exceeds the combined market value of the world’s nine largest auto companies. These are Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, GM, Ford, Honda, Fiat, Chrysler and Peugeot. At the same time, Tesla expects to sell at least 500000 electric vehicles worldwide this year, accounting for less than 1% of total global car sales.

In contrast, Cox automotive predicts that in the United States alone, total vehicle sales should reach at least 14.3 million vehicles in 2020, down from 17 million vehicles per year in the past five years.

Despite the rapid growth in Tesla’s market value this year, many shareholders and advocates of Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, believe that the electric car maker has more room for growth in 2021.

However, some Wall Street analysts are warning Tesla that the company’s shares could fall once it is added to the S & P 500 on December 21.

As of press release, Tesla shares rose 4.58% to $637.91, with a market value of $604.5 billion.

China will eventually become Tesla’s largest market FactSet: in April 2017, Tesla’s market value will reach 48.7 billion US dollars, surpassing Ford to become the second largest automobile manufacturer in the United States, and Tesla’s market value will reach 116.945 billion US dollars Harvard Business Review: how does Tesla subvert the traditional automobile industry? Tesla: 2q20’s revenue dropped 5% to 6.036 billion U.S. ride Association: Tesla’s new energy sales volume ranked first in May and other new forces became important forces in new energy vehicle market Weilai: the total revenue of 1q20 was 1.372 billion, and 3838 NEW cars were delivered; Tesla: 1q20 net profit was $16 million Year on year turnaround to profit: auto consumption upgrade in 2019 annual report: Global BBA, Porsche and Tesla sales tracking (download attached) Guoyuan Securities: Tesla and Volkswagen MEB (attached download) Tesla: real record of financial report teleconference Shared car business may achieve three main business growth earlier than self driving taxi, helping Tesla’s revenue recover growth in the fourth quarter

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