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US customer service index in 2021 From J.D. Power

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On Thursday local time, J.D. Power’s data experts released the organization’s U.S. customer service index for 2021, with both Porsche and mini winning in their respective market segments. This industry study measures the satisfaction of car owners and renters with the work of franchised car dealers and independent repair shops for one to three years. The good news is that last year, dealers did a good job in taking care of customers.

Affected by the epidemic situation and various home orders, the total service passenger flow of the automobile industry in 2020 is about 6% lower than that in 2019. Because the car driver’s mileage is controlled by the virus, so their demand for vehicle service is also controlled. Nevertheless, overall consumer satisfaction rose by 10 to 847 (out of 1000). This is the sixth year in a row that satisfaction has risen. J. Chris Sutton, D. power’s vice president of automotive retail, said in a statement: “completing work in the first place and focusing on customer needs plays an important role in satisfaction, and dealers can accurately grasp these key performance indicators almost 100%”

J. D. power also rated mainstream car brands on a 1000 point scale. The final score is a combination of five independent indicators. In order of importance, it includes service quality, service facilities, service start-up, service consultant and vehicle transfer. Among the top brands, Porsche beat all its competitors by 899 points. Followed by Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac and Lincoln, they rank only slightly above the segment average. Jaguar, Land Rover and Alfa Romeo are at the bottom of the list.

Among the mass market brands, mini beat all other mainstream brands and scored 864 points. Buick, Mitsubishi and GMC followed. Kia, Chevrolet, Honda and Toyota are all above average, but four stellantis brands are in the bottom five. Scores show Dodge, jeep, Chrysler and ram have more to do.

The results of the 2021 J.D. Power US customer service index are based on feedback from nearly 63000 validated car owners and renters in the 2018-2020 model year.

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