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Volkswagen holds four seats in the top ten car sales list in January 2021

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Different from domestic SUVs, domestic cars are not so competitive in the car market. In the list of domestic car sales by media statistics, the top ten domestic cars account for only two places. Although Volkswagen Group has seen a big decline in recent years, it is still the biggest winner in the car market, with four seats in the top ten list.

To be specific, the sales volume of Nissan Xuanyi, which is a mixture of old and new cars, is still the best. In January, the sales volume reached 57977 cars, which is close to the rhythm of 60000 cars. Xuanyi has surpassed Volkswagen Langyi for many months in a row and has become the top selling car market.

SAIC Volkswagen Lavigne and FAW Volkswagen Suteng ranked second and third, respectively, with sales of 42323 and 36961 vehicles. Although VW’s domestic market share has been declining recently, VW is still the leading brand in the car market.

To everyone’s surprise, electric vehicles will appear in the top five camps of the car market sales list.

With the ultimate price performance ratio of 28800 yuan, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV has become the largest dark horse in the domestic car market. In January, it sold 36762 cars. Although there are no airbags in the whole series, it can buy a quasi new car with a green brand for 28800 yuan. How would other consumers mind.

The fifth and tenth are FAW Toyota Corolla, FAW Volkswagen Bora, GAC Toyota leiling, SAIC GM Buick yinglang, FAW Volkswagen maiteng, and Geely Dihao respectively.

In other words, there are only Wuling Hongguang Mini EV and Geely Dihao two domestic cars in the top ten camps, which is different from the characteristics of only a few joint venture SUVs in the top ten camps in the SUV market.

In the luxury brand camp, BMW 3 series is the strongest competitor, with sales of 20324 vehicles in January, surpassing Audi A4L’s 18392.

In the segment market of medium-sized cars, Volkswagen maiteng surpassed Toyota Camry and was the top selling model in January. Maiteng sold 23749 cars in January, surpassing Toyota Camry’s 20037 cars and Honda Accord’s 19614 cars.

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