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Sentiment index of commercial aircraft market in October 2021 From Cirium

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Ascend by cirium recently launched the commercial aircraft market sentiment index (camsi) in October 2021. This index is published once a month to track the trend of market sentiment, aircraft value and lease rate through the investigation of major market stakeholders such as lessors, banks, OEM manufacturers, disassembly factories, airlines and brokers.

Camsi uses the NPs index method to evaluate the value trend: subtract the number of people who answer “too high” or “up” from the number of people who answer “too low” or “down” by the total number of samples who answer this question. Scores in the range of 40% to – 40% generally indicate that the situation is stable, lower than – 40% can be considered to indicate a very strong negative trend, and higher than 40% indicates a strong positive trend.

In September 2021, the data provided by survey respondents showed that the aircraft rental rate remained positive in general (especially narrow body aircraft), and all four new single channel aircraft types showed a positive NPs trend. In other words, more people think the rental rate is gradually increasing than those who don’t. In October 2021, we returned to market value. Like rental rates, respondents’ feedback showed that the recovery was accelerating, at least for the new single channel models.

In fact, after eight mixed months, the market sentiment in October seemed more positive. The NPs index of new Airbus A320 and a321neo aircraft and Boeing 737max8 increased by about 20 percentage points.

Although the smaller Airbus a220 did not show the same growth, market sentiment remained positive, indicating that most respondents believed that the market value showed an upward trend.

In contrast, from the four wide body aircraft we evaluated, the dual channel aircraft market is still facing challenges; The new Airbus a350-1000 and Boeing 787-9, as well as the 10-year-old Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 777-300ER, still have negative NPs scores. However, we have observed a steady increase in NPS scores for all four models over the past six months, indicating that people’s negative perception of the direction of market value is gradually weakening.

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