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The demand for air travel during the Spring Festival holiday is expected to decrease sharply From Cirium

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The following is the The demand for air travel during the Spring Festival holiday is expected to decrease sharply From Cirium recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Aviation Data.

Cirium data shows that with the approach of the Spring Festival, China’s domestic aviation market seems to enter a downturn again, and travel demand during the Spring Festival holiday is expected to decrease sharply.

China’s domestic airliner flight tracking

On January 25, the daily average service of China’s domestic airliner dropped to more than 8600 according to the 7-day rolling average. Compared with the peak of 12600 flights in early October 2020, it is down by nearly a third. Novel coronavirus pneumonia peak novel coronavirus pneumonia peak in early October 2020 is the first peak in early 2020, and is higher than the peak before 2019. The latest flight reduction involves all major airlines.

All parts of China advocate that people celebrate the new year on the spot during the Spring Festival. China novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Hebei province around Beijing province have increased, and sporadic cases in China have been reported, according to the Ministry of transport. This means that the total number of people who travel during the Spring Festival holiday is expected to drop by 40% compared with 2019.

On January 25, cirium data showed that nearly 300 jets operated by AVIC were in storage, with about 3500 in service. On January 25, 2021, cirium tracked more than 2400 aircraft operating at least one domestic flight, a decrease of 15% compared with the same period last year, while the average flight hours of each aircraft in service decreased by 14% to 6.1 hours. More reading: China novel coronavirus pneumonia business situation: Cirium: new business aviation Cirium under the market environment of new crown pneumonia outbreak: Cirium, China Airlines will purchase 19%Cirium:2020 aviation insight trend report for 2019-2038 years in April, Cirium Novel coronavirus pneumonia 2020: Fleet forecast report Cirium: forecast until 2024-2025 years air travel will achieve comprehensive demand recovery cloud data: Spring Festival holiday long video platform viewing data analysis (download) AppGrowing:2019 mobile phone advertising insight during Spring Festival holiday Cirium: prepare for the second wave of aircraft lease extension Cirium: the impact of new crown pneumonia on commercial aviation is gradually showing Cirium: the domestic aviation market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to recover in July. Cirium: in May 2020, the total number of flights between China and the United States will drop 95% year on year. Cirium: on June 2, 2020, the cancellation rate of China’s planned flights will drop to 23%. Cirium: after a devastating recession, the Asian aviation industry is slowly starting the process of reconstruction

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