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US airline bookings fall again in early 2021 From IATA

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IATA released the latest air passenger market analysis including November data. After a brief rebound in summer in the north, the growth of passenger demand is still stagnant. Not only in the international market, but also in the domestic market of the United States, which has been a relatively bright spot before, the performance has decreased.

This week’s chart, which looks at global passenger bookings, shows how travel intentions evolved in the last month of the year.

The data show that there will not be any significant improvement in passenger traffic in the short term. By the third week of December, ticket purchases had been growing modestly as people planned to visit relatives and friends during the holidays. However, after December 23, the growth of bookings was reversed.

The new coronavirus has broken out again in many major countries, and the resulting travel restrictions have delayed recovery. According to who data, in the last week of December, about 4.1 million people tested positive for covid-19, twice as many as in the same week in September. The emergence of this new, more aggressive mutation has further exacerbated already weak passenger demand in many major markets, including the UK.

The development of air ticket booking shows that the beginning of 2021 is not easy for airlines. Positive vaccine news has yet to change the will of travelers. It will take some time for the vaccine to boost the number of passengers. Until then, the only driving force for a more important air travel recovery may be the establishment of a reliable and effective testing system. Read more: IATA: the profitability of aviation industry will drop sharply in the first quarter of 2020 IATA: Asia Pacific Aviation Industry Report in December 2020 IATA: the performance of global airlines will pick up in Q1 of 2018 IATA: the demand of global air passenger transport will plummet by 91.3% in May 2020 China’s domestic passenger market has highlighted IATA: aviation will become the main driving force for economic recovery IATA: 25 million related posts in the world are affected by COVID-19. The global aviation industry affected by COVID-19 is over 2 million 700 thousand IATA in IATA:2020. The global passenger demand will shrink by 0.6% IATA in 2020: the global air transport industry has been profitable for 10 consecutive years, and Q1 has lost 3 of its global profits. 6% IATA: 3.1% year-on-year growth in global air passenger demand in March 2019% IATA: 6.5% year-on-year growth in global air passenger demand in 2018% IATA: India is expected to become the world’s third largest aviation market in 2037 IATA: 6.4% year-on-year growth in global air passenger demand in August 2018 IATA: operating profit of Q2 Airlines is squeezed in 2018

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