At present, 18% of bitcoin has been lost From Copper

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According to London cryptocurrency trustee According to a new study by, the recent price rise of bitcoin is the result of the steady increase in demand for bitcoin and the increasing scarcity of bitcoin. It is estimated that by 2140, this cryptocurrency will reach the maximum supply of 21 million. The researchers also found that investors in North America, especially in the United States, are most interested in the newly mined bitcoin.

So far, about 18.625 million bitcoins have been excavated in the world, but a considerable part of them have been lost.

Copper estimates that 56% of bitcoin is currently held by investors, 18% has been lost, 15% is held by so-called traders, and the rest has not yet been mined.

Since most bitcoin holders (80 per cent) are long-term investors and will not easily sell their bitcoin, Cooper said, interest in the digital asset is rising, which could have a huge impact on its price.

Cooper also found an interesting phenomenon. Nearly one third of bitcoin trading volume occurred during the opening of the New York Stock Exchange. Investors should pay attention to the trading of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P 500.

So much bitcoin trading takes place between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in U.S. stock trading, which may explain why the S & P 500 is sometimes seen as related to the price of bitcoin.

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