22% of institutional investors believe that the company will buy cryptocurrency in the future From JPMorgan Chase

The following is the 22% of institutional investors believe that the company will buy cryptocurrency in the future From JPMorgan Chase recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Blockchain.

According to foreign media reports, JPMorgan has conducted a survey and found that among the companies that have not yet traded cryptocurrency, one fifth of institutional investors believe that their companies may trade cryptocurrency in the future. According to a recent survey of more than 3400 investors in 1500 institutions conducted by JPMorgan, only 11% of the respondents have worked in companies trading or investing in cryptocurrency, while 89% have not.

Among those who did not trade or invest in cryptocurrency, 22% said they thought their company might invest in digital currency in the future.

Although a large amount of institutional capital investment in recent months has pushed the price of bitcoin to more than $50000, many institutional investors lack confidence in cryptocurrency. The survey found that most institutions are worried about the security of bitcoin, and 98% of the respondents said that they think fraud is “a bit” or even “very” common in the field of encryption.

When asked about cryptocurrency, 14% responded that “bitcoin may be a rat poison” and needed to be avoided, while 21% thought cryptocurrency was just a fad. Only 7% of investors believe it “will be one of the most important assets.”.

However, big companies do not seem to have such concerns. Recently, Tesla and MicroStrategy have invested billions of dollars in cryptocurrency this year. It’s really rich.

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