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40% of Britons think encrypted trading is as risky as stocks From Piplsay

The following is the 40% of Britons think encrypted trading is as risky as stocks From Piplsay recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: online finance, Blockchain.

According to foreign media reports, a new public opinion survey conducted by piplsay company found that 41% of Britons now think that the risk of investing in cryptocurrency and stock market is equal. 45% of respondents still think encryption is the most risky of the two. This is a survey of 6070 British residents over the age of 18, showing that British adults are beginning to treat cryptocurrency and the stock market equally.

More than 40% of respondents thought cryptocurrency was safe, while 31% thought it was unsafe, and the remaining 27% said they were not sure about the security of digital assets. In terms of security, nearly 30% of the respondents listed the possibility of hacker attacks or fraud activities as their main concern for encryption security, 26% of the participants were more concerned about regulatory considerations, and only 19% were concerned about its volatility.

Despite growing interest in cryptocurrency, most respondents said they were still more likely to stay away from cryptocurrency, with 57% of Britons saying they had no intention to invest. 46% of respondents said they didn’t know money at all. In terms of institutions, about 27% of enterprises plan to invest this year.

In terms of age, it’s nothing new for young people to adopt cryptocurrency. A survey of the individual reserve cryptocurrency index (irci) found that almost 20% of young adults in Australia already have cryptocurrency by 2020. Another survey on cryptocurrency adoption conducted by WireX in collaboration with stellar development foundation last year found that older investors are slowly entering the field of encryption. Of the 3834 participants aged between 45 and 54 in the survey, 30% said they were using encrypted assets.

In addition, the demand for cryptocurrency as a means of payment is growing. 46% of respondents said they thought big brands such as apple, Amazon and Tesco should accept cryptocurrency payments.

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