About 60% of the holders said cryptocurrency had a negative impact on their personal relationships From SurveyMonkey

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Many of the shortcomings of cryptocurrency are well known: volatility, the possibility of being stolen by hackers, and the opportunity for regulatory change, according to the report by Bloomberg. As it turns out, it may not help people’s social life. According to a survey conducted by surveymonkey on behalf of Tech domains, about 60% of cryptocurrency investors said their beliefs or investments in the field had a negative impact on their personal relationships. The survey examined many issues surrounding digital assets.

More importantly, there is a direct link between the proportion of a person’s net assets invested in cryptocurrency and the likelihood that they say their personal relationships are negatively affected.

“The pressure on relationships can come from multiple sources,” said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at OANDA Asia PTE“ When one person in the relationship invests in cryptocurrency and their partner is a committed non believer, there will be natural pressure – especially when the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates so much in the day that it affects the value of the portfolio. “

More importantly, he added, “money and greed corrupt people. If a person becomes a paper millionaire, or loses everything, the two sides’ views on each other may change.

Cryptocurrency has really changed a lot in the past year. Bitcoin has risen more than six times in the past 12 months, while ethereal has soared 11 times. By comparison, the standard & Poor’s 500 index is up 47%. The support of billionaires like Elon Musk and mark Kuban has helped to enhance the attractiveness of digital assets, which are already attractive to anyone worried about inflation in more traditional areas as the stimulus measures of the pandemic spread through the global financial system.

Cryptocurrency can also sometimes improve relationships or increase satisfaction. Vignesh Sundaresan, who gained a worldwide reputation when he bought the beeple artwork “every days: the first 5000 days” with a digital art record of $69.3 million, described some positive effects in an interview earlier this month.

“My parents are very happy,” said Sundaresan, also known as metakovan. He said he had talked to many of his friends about “putting a little of their money into cryptocurrency even five years ago. They’ve seen me grow, which gives them confidence in their investments – I’m happy about that. “

Even so, bitcoin fell to nearly $50000 just nine days after hitting an all-time high of $64000, a reminder of possible volatility. Many commentators warn that after such a big rise, the encrypted currency may be in a bubble state.

The findings of Tech domains do look daunting. According to a survey of 1033 Americans, about 25% invest 10% or less of their net assets in cryptocurrency, saying they have seen a negative impact on their personal relationships. For those who invested 10% to 25% of their net assets, the figure rose to 73%; for those who invested 50% to 75% of their net assets, the figure rose to 94% – for those who invested 75% or more of their net assets, the figure rose to 100%.

“It makes the ‘mainstream acceptance’ slogan of cryptocurrency public relations machine sound more hollow,” Halley said“ Except for a few lucky people, I am worried that the path of cryptocurrency will be full of human tragedies. “

Survey shows that 71% of bitcoin owners are male. For the first time, the total market value of cryptocurrency exceeds $500 billion Cryptocurrency hackers lost more than 283 million US dollars in 2019 coinmarketcap: the global market value of cryptocurrency dropped to 200 billion US dollars in August 2018 ciphertrace: the stolen digital cryptocurrency reached 761 million US dollars in the first half of 2018 Alex de Vries: estimated In 2019, global cryptocurrency mining power will exceed solar power generation. 21.2% of U.S. college students use financial aid to invest in cryptocurrency. In January 2018, the market value of bitcoin evaporated $44 billion. Ernst & Young: hackers can steal $1.5 million from cryptocurrency every month. Viber: the survey shows that less than 3% of people will use Facebook Libra cryptocurrency

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