More than a third of cryptocurrency investors know little about cryptocurrency itself From Cardify

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According to cardify’s latest survey report, novice cryptocurrency investors did not do much research before entering the field. According to the survey data collected from 750 investors from February 5 to 12 (during this period, the price of bitcoin rose from US $37000 to US $47000), cardify found that only 16.9% of the investors who bought cryptocurrency “fully understood” the value and potential of cryptocurrency, and 33.5% of the purchasers knew nothing or only a little about this field.

But the lack of knowledge or understanding of cryptocurrency does not stop people from buying. The survey found that more than 40% of all cryptocurrency purchases came from novice investors, partly because more and more mainstream people accepted cryptocurrency. Over the past few months, both paypal and square have added cryptocurrency to their platforms.

The survey also showed that many novice investors were forced to take action for fear of missing earnings. More than a third of respondents studied digital currency less than a month before buying, and a quarter of cryptocurrency holders said they entered the field in the hope of short-term financial benefits.

According to cardify, the amount of cryptocurrency investment in January 2021 was 23 times that in 2019, and the average individual purchase amount increased to $1212, compared with $432 in the same period in 2020. The sale of encryption assets accounted for 26.8% of the transaction volume, down from 43.1% in 2019, when the value of a bitcoin was just over $3000.

But bitcoin investors are attracted not only by the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency itself, but also by celebrity recognition. Nearly 180 of the 750 investors surveyed said they were optimistic about dogcoin, and they were more likely to put money into it because Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a lot of tweets about dogcoin on social media.

Musk’s passion for dogcoin makes it the third most popular cryptocurrency among respondents, with 8% saying they own the digital currency. So far, bitcoin and Ethereum, with a total market value of more than $1 trillion, are still the most popular.

But investors are not entirely confident in cryptocurrencies. More than half of the investors surveyed agreed that their biggest concern was the loss of money due to the financial turmoil.

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